"Bookmark" songs on Live Radio

Very often I will hear a song on the internet radio that I really like.

It would be great if there was a button that I could simply press (a kind of “like”) that would add the artist,album, track and date heard to some form of “bookmark” so I could then research the band at a later time (like when I’m not cooking dinner)…

This would be handy, for now I say 'Alexa, set reminder to lookup ‘new artist’ in one hour.

I’m not sure the ‘data’ received in a stream can be extracted so easily. I’m not saying it can’t be done just trying to set the expectation this could be a significant project requiring significant programming resources.

I’m listening to internet radio in roon and it’s showing me the data I mentioned. They already have the data.

The streaming radio station has the data, Roon has it only as much as it has the song you’re listening to that is part of that stream. It would have to be ‘scraped’ and saved somewhere for it to be ‘clickable’. This is the less than trivial part.

Another challenge is FLAC streams rarely contain track data, usually no data at all but of course they are preferred if sound quality is a priority.

For use in the kitchen, I would certainly be willing to drop from flac to a lower bitrate for the ability to easily click some form of “like” that is added to my history so I could investigate the artist further when I’m not up to my elbows in cooking dinner. Obviously if there is no metadata, then the option would be unavailable.

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