BPM - Beats per minute - for workout playlists

My research agrees with your advice. The prices for those apps are reasonable, too. One thing I noticed, but didn’t look too closely at, is that those apps seem to be able to write the metadata only to ID3 tags. It is my vague understanding that FLAC doesn’t use ID3 tags (normally)?

The amount of work involved is starting to look daunting. I still have a Mediamonkey license, and it can organize your collection by bpm, if the tag is there, and I think Mediamonkey also has a pretty robust smart playlist generator. Hmmmmm… At the very least, one could shuffle through a focused playlist like that and tag the tracks one wants to incorporate in future bpm-based playlists. Maybe it’s doable.

I think you can stuff ID3 tags into FLAC, but it may upset some poorly implemented decoders.
FLAC has its own tagging I think.

Back when I was using tools to do this it was pretty much only using mp3 - flac support was too poor at the time, then when I moved of vinyl and cd to true digital DJing it didn’t matter anymore more as traktor (the DJ app) analysed everything into its own database.

Maybe also have a look at foobar player - I think that may be able to do bpm analysis and tag writing…

I have a pair of iPod shuffle earphones that work just like that – the shuffle hangs at the back of your neck. Loved them.

Probably not very far. I think that’s why it has trouble penetrating foliage, all the water in the leaves.

Not anymore

Native instruments Traktor for instance detects bpms flawless
D&B / breaks etc are nowadays no problem nomore

the beatdetection and matching in current dj apps is insane

And yes they are written in the mp3 tags
Along with the key


Traktor also embeds the tags in the flac files

all my flac music is also analysed in traktor and tags are abailable in the flac files


That’s great! Thanks!


Hi all, just getting back to the most basic part of all this… is there any chance we can get Roon to simply display the BPM metadata field?


Please? It’s a new year…

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Let me repeat a request I made 3 years back


… and if not, just a plain BPM field would also be useful!

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Throwing my hat in the ring: more data is never bad*, so I would like BPM calculated and displayed and then integrated into focus (and playlist building). Thank you!

*unless its garbage data

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Gosh, I had no idea how long and how many people have asked for BPM tag-abiity! Even a manual field would be wonderful - much like JRiver.
It’s been well over a year since I requested BPM too.


We need this…

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A bit discouraging finding this has been a feature request for 5 years now.

I cast +1 into the void.


Agree. BPM data would be very useful for creating cycling playlists to match RPM.

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