Bye Roon, why I am not renewing my subscription

I don’t know the solution, but this shows there is plenty of room for improvement, for a classic…

Roon’s track credits for Track #1, on the Tidal version:

And here is the ‘free’ Tidal app’s data for Track #1:


It’d be interesting to understand why this is the case. Roon is pulling metadata from numerous sources, there must be an ability to combine and consolidate.

Not sure they are licensed to use tidal or Qobuz metadata

Unlikely given the deep integration they strive for, but anything is possible where the music industry is concerned.

Given this thread, “deep integration” is feeling more and more like a marketing term.


Sufficiently well thought through models exist already. Musicbrainz (*) and Wikidata, as pointed out here by @Fernando_Pereira - and both offer a community and (some) curation. Both also come with the promise that if one decides to contribute things will not be lost should a business decide so.

The critical metadata complainer mass is probably too small for Roonlabs to act on it anyway.

As others pointed out that task goes probably far beyond what Roonlabs could deliver. Another reason for me to not contribute to such a solution would be that it would be closed source. The great advantage of adding data to - for instance - musicbrainz is that I can always get my work added to file tags too. There are enough tools out there which make it easy.

And that’s something Roonlabs should act on - creating stunning stuff without the need to have access to the most accurate metadata ever. Make f-ing use of what’s there already. (It might even inspire people to add / enhance metadata at one of the places which already collect it.)

(*) … and it’s not worth discussing that they still add composers to albums at places you wouldn’t want them. Because it’s not an issue if the data that matters is available too. :wink:

DAs a retired MS developer I often muse about what a definitive db schema should be

While there are no standards nothing will happen , the various sources can’t even agree a standard for Composer Name and spelling , se the Prokofiev example the other day, how many variants were there 100 +

Don’t even go to Composition and groupings of such

Who should agree and own these standards? Record labels?. They have shown little interest to date

Why Roon? , I keep asking that especially when I revert to my JRiver library to be able to navigate my (not too big) classical collection

Tidal stays my hand for now but it’s unless Roon offers solutions to some of the major classical issues , box sets for example, I see myself more and more drifting back to JRiver where I can better define my collection and how I navigate it

Quite an issue you have raised

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Roon owning the database and it being open are not mutually exclusive. Say Roon were to buy allmusic, the public could still create an account with them and do what they do now. But we Roon users could notify Roon of incorrect metadata and have them take care of it no matter where the data is located.

But we are in violent agreement that it should be possible to represent all info in Roon via file tags. Even if I never leave Roon, I want the info in MY files.

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While I have no problem with getting allmusic data delivered by Roon I don’t see that allmusic itself is very open right now. So some changes to its ToS would be required.

Maybe the all- sites are even on the market, now that Taptica merged with 1R. But if it would be clever for Roonlabs to invest into owning a metadata service I still doubt.

+1 on this. Why not create a separate service like dBpoweramp has for ripping - AccurateRip. It could be called MetaCorrect or something. Users could invest time in this - but service would be free. Roon would be using the service and if a user would prefer not to re-new subscription at least they could use this service with other software providers that could use it too. Just a thought.

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Well said.

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Roon is too small a fish to be buying anything.


There are severe copyright concerns with user- or community- created metadata, depending on what you’re talking about.

HOWEVER, there are areas where it can work:

—if a significant number of users combine two artist entries, Roon’s DB ought to be able to take notice and then correct itself;

—artist/performer credits

—Organizational scheme (work/composition/part etc.) for classical music

There are, I’m sure, others. The concern comes with possible contribution of copyrighted material. Especially after the latest EU legislation…

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Well, maybe not anything - but surely not the entire tivo music db (or knowledge graph, as they put it) or whatever allmusic has behind its site. :smiley:

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Metadata is a big can of worms. My inclination would be to have greater ability to manage my own metadata within Roon (artist info, composer info, album info), the ability to choose mine over Roon’s if/when desired and the ability to fully extract it if/when desired. While I think music sources can and will improve, I don’t there there’s anyway for Roon to please everyone fully. So giving users an ability to better self-manage would be a step in the right direction. I love having the ability to drop PDFs, artist and album art in as well as edit much of the metadata, but I’m curious why there’s no ability to manage the descriptive info. Legal issues I suspect but it seems a bit arbitrary.

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Indeed. And with the unexpected victory of Oracle over Google in the API copyrights case, who knows fair use even means?

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If I remember rightly Roon have quite firmly opposed being a glorified or otherwise Tag editor

They provide only limited editing the rest being from external sources

I believe the view is there are plenty ofTag editors about why reinvent the wheel

Am I correct ?

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Hear, hear.

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@anon49565150, tell us more about your personal-use web interface to LMS?

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Oh yes, please elucidate!!
It reminds me of Moose, which I liked very much back in the day…

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