Bye Roon, why I am not renewing my subscription

On the other hand Roon makes Rovi / Tivo stuff available in a quite appealing way. Insofar it has achieved more than other solutions previously. Of course now having it there’s a lot of open space still to fill. But the few solutions I did use before Roon were - and last time I checked still are - way behind of what Roon offers.

Yes, these are definitely less risky from a copyright perspective. But again, not if they are copied from someone else’s compilation.

Yes, and that reflects on the poor state of music applications today.

Filling some gaps might often be enough to help Roon connect the dots better. Relationships between entities make discovery more exciting …

Update: … and when users just groom their local tags Roonlabs cannot match and mix this information easily with stuff already in the “Metadata Cloud”. And reading and incorporating such information from user edits within Roon installations seems to me a more risky thing copyright-wise than using an intermediary like musicbrainz. :thinking:

I do think that Roon could take notice of the same “act” being taken by a sufficient number of users and have an automated way to implement it. For example, if X users merge Rolling Stones with The Rolling Stones and Rolling Stones, The, then Roon would automatically do that for the rest of the users.

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I’d vote against uncurated swarm intelligence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And thanks for taking the time to explain this IP stuff - must be like working in your spare time. :smiley:

Well, I didn’t say anything about the efficacy of such an initiative, only its legality…

No problem. I enjoy it - nothing better than a coffee/beer, some tunes, and a few good forum posts…

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Oh my stars! Making a list of things that are better could take us quite some time :wink:.

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As a follow up on my post on the DDEX metadata standard, it is based on a database of musicians identified through an ISNI number. Interestingly, YouTube has decided to impose this codification for all musicians and composers on its platform (and lets not forget Youtube is the largest music platform) :

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I’m not sure if the world lacks identifiers. Just for the fun of it look what’s listed as identifiers for the Boss:

More seriously: two things you might check out when cataloging information according to your needs is really important:

  1. What libraries do - there’s quite some interesting information available, librarians have often to do with cross referencing stuff in meaningful ways, and across media.
  2. Have you considered using the web api of Roon together with a homegrown metadata solution? It might work …

Its not the identifier as such but what data is linked to it. You can see in that example that you can link the musicbrainz ID with the AllMusic ID, and also the wikipedia pagem

Unfortunately neither Roon nor LMS use these ISNI identifiers.

Using web apis to add data in a web page is very limited.

What I meant was more along this line: having some browser interface which incorporates your information and playback control to Roon.

Understood but it is not so simple. Say you have information in a tag, or a file in your music folder, that information is not known by Roon, so even if you can link it to an album in Roon when you display an album (not sure that would even be possible) you cannot use Roon search to look it up (i.e. show me all the albums where x played). You may end up developing a program that has to scan your entire library, which is complicated, and then you are no longer really using Roon.

I was thinking of this:

as a starting point. You could use the Roon infrastructure, grouped zones and what not. But it’s not simple, for sure.

Stephane, I am just surprised that you paid a subscription for three years instead of buying a lifetime. I would have made that decision after a year whether it was worth the investment.

3 years ago Roon was less of a “standard” than it is today, and i believe a lot of people, like me, chose not to pay a lifetime subscription immediately.

As it has been said here, there is a lack of alternatives. I had high hopes that “Tonal” would pick up but it did not. I started working on my web page 6 months ago.

stephane, is your webpage visible? i’d like to see what you’ve done.

No it is not, i probably have another 6 months of work to put into it but will put it on the LMS forum when it is fully operational. It is limited in what it can do, by LMS, and requires some good quality tags behind.

As i mentioned, some information i have yet to figure out where to put in my tags (as there are a limited number in LMS, you need to juggle around with them).

My purpose here was not to discuss this.

As mentioned, Roon does some things very well, and i just wanted to emphasize some aspects in which it could do better.

I did not expect this thread to develop as much as it did, and am somewhat comforted to see that correct metadata is relevant to others as well. It is not a thing of the past and as pointed out on some of the links i posted, there is hope that things will improve in the music industry. Things are evolving, and music applications will need to adapt and evolve as well.

Rovi is a great source of information. I have a lot of respect for contributors of AllMusic, who share their passion for music in their reviews. But Allmusic is not a perfect metadata source, far from it, and that should be understood. Its acquisition by Rovi has not improved on this, on the contrary.

I only started being interested in this topic a few years ago, and spend the past year or two “curating” my collection, and plan on continuing as i discover and acquire more music.

Best to all, and hoping Roon will take note of some of these points.

I would imagine (?) SongKong pay some fee to Discogs asit is a commercial use

Maybe Paul can Comment