Can Nucleus act as a Core and endpoint?

As above please, I did have a quick search but couldn’t find my answer.

Please see this thead in the Nucleus section:

Thus it should be possible to have audio through the HDMI output as well as with USB (e.g. through a DAC).

it’s an unexpected use case, but it will indeed work. Just login to 1 of the Nucleus, and ignore the other one other than for USB/HDMI

@danny: Obviously there are two interpretations of the original question.
a) involving 2 Nucleus devices: one is working as the Roon Core and the other as a Roon Output (“endpoint”)
b) involving 1 Nucleus device: it is working as the Roon Core as well as a Roon Output (“endpoint”)

Case b) works fine, I have a DAC connected through usb.

So is the nucleus isolated to stop RF emissions? I thought it’s the accepted norm to keep.playback well away from such noisey things as computers? What makes it an exception to this rule?

First, i think people are overly paranoid about this. Some people have said this might be good for sound quality, and suddenly people talk about it as if the system won’t work that way. It works fine. That whole point is about fine-tuning. Driving instructors say you should hold the steering wheel at 9 and 3, and sit close enough that you can drape your wrist over the top of the wheel, and steer by crossing your arms instead of shuffling your hands, and they point to race car drivers who have many millions dependent on milliseconds and do that — but that doesn’t mean that the car won’t work if you hold the wheel some other way.

Second, there is not universal agreement on this.

Third, a Nucleus with ROCK and an SSD is in fact simplified, in particular it has no moving parts with motors that create electrical noise. So it’s a fairly benign situation.

So I would say, try it. Hook it up and see if you like it. If you prefer, adding a network box is easy.

I have done the test, with direct USB and network and network/MicroRendu/USB into the same Meridian 818 and not noticed a difference. But it probably depends on how sensitive your DAC is to such noise, and on your ears.

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I was only inquiring as it goes against Roons Rules for best performance. I breaks the audiophile rules all the time and have no beef about it. But it is only truly queiy if you have SSD for your music too which is an expensive outlay if you have a big collection.

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Yes, but “expensive” is relative.
2 TB SSD is $600, 4 TB is $1,300.
Mytek Brooklyn+ is $2,200.
UltraRendu/LPS-1 is $1,300

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Don’t forget your backup drive in case that fails on you so that’s another 1300, :slight_smile: it’s all relative if you’ve got the money to burn. It would look nice next to my Atom similar design with the big heatsinks. Maybe one day when I can justify it .

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The Nucleus is darn sexy looking thats for sure. Until you see one in the flesh so to speak the pictures really don’t any where near do it justice.

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