Can Roon play or pass through DVD-A files?

Good news regarding the audio cutting off…Jim Salk emailed to me a command code I could enter into the Salkstream’s programming that stopped the Salkstream from putting its video signal into screensaver/sleep mode. So far tonight I’ve been playing multichannel music through the Oppo for about 1.5hrs with no interruptions. :smiley: And this is with the original high speed HDMI cable I was using (the new one I ordered hasn’t arrived yet).

There’s only little nagging issue I have left playing through the Oppo (it doesn’t happen playing direct to my ore/pro). When selecting a different album, a fraction of a second of the first track gets chopped off. Subsequent tracks don’t do this. Not a huge deal, but a little annoying. Are there any tweaks in the Oppo or in Roon I can make to improve this?