Can the radio metadata include album artwork (jpg) as well?

I read the metadata wiki from @andybob and @BrianW . My question is if I get from a Flac stream (i.e. open beside the usual artist and album data also an album artwork (url to picture in jpg format) processed via node red, can I display the (changing) album work in Roon Radio as well when I play the radio stream (i.e. via the relay server RSAS)?

Unfortunately you can’t do that. Roon is only taking text metadata into account.
It is nevertheless able to guess the album based on track title and artist. This requires that a streaming service is configured (Qobuz or Tidal). No need for a paying account, a trial account (even expired) is enough.

Clicking on “Oh Honey” brings you to the album page.

If your intent is to have metadata for Open Broadcast FLAC stream: no need to build your own RSAS relay server, thanks to this.

By the way I failed to find a working album URL on Open Broadcast API, let me know if you find it

It looks like one of those sites which reloads itself for each track, the new html code then has the album image.

Thanks, I got in touch with the openbroadcast team and could ask them to share the API documentation for the album artwork url. But I assume from your post that Roon just accepts text meta data for the time being? I indeed use Qobuz so the album text artist matching is working well. But the radio experience is so much nicer with the album artwork (just check out the radio web page Do you think it is worth to place a Roon feature request for showing the album artwork as well for radio streams or is this mission impossible?

Perhaps not mission impossible - after all the information is there if the track is recognised, but I’ve no idea of the effort involved.

There is actually a similar feature request already, but it hasn’t garnered any support…

Thanks, I do think the radio experience will be event better with the individual artwork display with Roon. The logic could be. 1/ to include the artworks from the stations that send an artwork via API. 2/For the stations that don’t send the artwork, the Qobuz / Tidal match is good enough to display and 3/ if there is no Qobuz / Tidal match, still the default radio station artwork could be shown. What do you think?

btw: I got in touch with and they are working on the next gen experience (called If you sign-up and ask nicely, you can test the new API. The processing in node-red then is straightforward as the API response is either text or json (which I have chosen):

Add images

It definitely would be a nice enhancement of the Now Playing screen for Live Radio. Feel free to post a feature request on the relevant section of the forum!

Thanks, I’ll wait until they officially launch it, as the current API is good enough for Artist and Track names which are the only things Roon can process today.