Can't download the app


I can’t download the app from App Store. It says the device is not compatible :frowning:
Running iPad 4 Retina with iOS 9.0.1
Any advice on what I can do?

Edit: ah, so only OpenGL 3 tablets can use roon.
Disappointing to say the least :frowning:

welcome to: Feedback on iOS Hardware Requirements

It seems it is just the way the cross-platform development tools work. Luckily the iPads keep their value pretty well so the upgrade may still be reasonable.

Yep, I’m hooked so will get a new ipad Air 2…but

Now - quick questions.

  1. While listening in the office where I have Roon installed on my main PC with NAS, will the iPad app allow me to control what’s playing through the DAC connected to that same main PC?

  2. My portable system consists of the “old” iPad -> CCK -> USB -> Chord Hugo -> Sennheiser HD800. Music is sourced from a) Tidal HiFi on the iPad or b) via jRiver media Player app who’s fetching the music from my NAS without downsampling and outputting unaltered music to Chord Hugo via the digital output (CCK). Works like a charm. Here’s the question: will Roon iPad app be able to do the same thing: playing ‘untouched’ music from NAS and/or Tidal via the CCK to the Hugo??

That’s the dealbreaker for me. If that won’t work, then I’m out. jRiver doesn’t have it all, but it streams all my high-resolution music without touching it (via router -> wifi)

At this time the Roon Ipad app can only function as a remote for the main Roon installation, it is not an endpoint and cannot play music through the headphone jack or output it digitally. At least this is what i’m understanding from previous threads. This is supposed to change in the future though.

  1. If Roon on your PC is a Core, then yes.

  2. Robbby is correct. See this post:

Great, thanks both of you. @robbbby @andybob