Can't see albums for artist (Joni Mitchell)

I can see the albums in Tidal but in Roon I get some odd view and no albums.

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I think you may be looking at the “composer” screen, rather than the “performer.”

Nope, I selected Artist.
And it doesn’t show Performer/Composer on the right.

28 Albums in Tidal plus 8 in my Library

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Yes I see them just fine in Tidal, in Roon I get that messed up view.

My screen shot is in Roon…

Odd, indeed. Are there Joni Mitchell albums in your Library?

No JM albums in Library.
I can go to one song and look at the multiple albums for that song and find the original album.
However as soon as I click her artist name I get that view.

I added one of her albums to my Library and now it shows correctly.
If I don’t do that I get the composer view by default, even when selecting artist, and no way to switch that view.

OK, well, I’ve just replicated your experience with an artist I don’t l have represented in my library, Deep Purple. If I select them as “Artist”, I get the same screen you did with your JM search–showing just a single composition but no albums and no Performer/Composer-view option on the right—despite the fact that they are well represented in my streaming service (Qobuz). BUT, if I do the same with another artist not represented in my library (in this case, Edgar Winter), I get the listing of all the albums in Qobuz and the typical Performer/Composer-view option. It seems to be inconsistent and I can’t think of an obvious reason why.

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A little off topic…does anyone know how Joni is doing? Last I heard she was getting out of the hospital…

Could it be this bug?
Roon search fails to find nearly all Dolly Parton albums - Support - Roon Labs Community


Yes, looks to be exactly same issue.

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Yes, that seems to nail it, and it looks like it is seen as an issue to be addressed. Thanks!

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Haven’t heard anything since the summer. But I have listened to “River” quite a bit recently!

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Been listening to her for 50 years! I’ve been stuck on Blue lately…Again!!!


Me too! Since Clouds in '69!

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Is she still a big mate of Neil Young ???

South Africa, most albums there

So it seems this was not addressed in 1.8. Sigh. Here’s another example.

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I’m also seeing this:

I can only see his albums in Roon’s Artist>Discography as I favourite them one-by-one in Qobuz.

I can also find some albums in the ‘Selected Discography’ panel on the albums I favourite in Qobuz: