Can't write to sonicT i5's mounted USB [resolved]

Hi Andrew @agillis

I can’t write to the sonicT i5’s USB folder after the 1.3 update.

I can write to the movies folder, to the pictures folder etc, all over the network. I can read the mounted USB folder but can’t write or delete.

In the mount drive settings, the ‘mount as read only box’ is NOT checked. I’ve tried to check it, restart, uncheck it, restart but it did nothing.

Only happened after my 1.3 update.


With my STi7 also.
I gave up with the USB inputs on the ST.
Have now put all my music on a NAS and Roon linked directly to my NAS.
Much more reliable.

Check ‼ Linux Storage Issue - Fix Released ‼

Sometimes this happens if the USB drive is corrupted. What file format it is?

Also make sure you are running the latest version of our software. Use the update button in the sonicTransporter web GUI.

yes latest sonicOrbiter software. USB drive is exFat

Was fine up until 1.3 though?

Also I’d already done that update that was just released for Linux cores

I’m able to copy to the USB when it’s in my iMac. The Mac tells me the USB drive is healthy, no errors

After I’d copied the files from my iMac to USB drive and plugged the USB back into the sonicT, it now works.

Can’t be the reboot that did it because I did that about 10 times the past 24 hours.

Must be a little bug. I can now copy to the USB folder over the network again, thank goodness.