CD burning with Roon?

Is there anyway this is possible?

Main purpose would be to burn CDs for playing in the car (I have an old car!).

I’m guessing the issue preventing this is having Tidal tracks?

So does that just put me back to using iTunes for local files or is there a better way (by better I just mean in terms of liking the Roon interface rather than any quality issues)?

It is not really clear what you are asking for. If you want to rip CDs within Roon, the Roon Team has already pretty much said no to this feature request. If you mean you want to play files you already ripped, that already works in Roon and most of us do that!

That said, I’m not sure how you plan to play the tracks in your car unless you have a super powered wifi network or a really really long Ethernet cable. :wink:

[Note: Topic and post above originally said “rip” but has since been corrected to “burn.” Thus this post might seem nonsensical now.]

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ah sorry for the unclear post. Yes I meant burn from within Roon or if not then whether there was anyway to export playlists (which I’ve just noticed has been raised on another thread).

Think I might get one of those new fangled 8-tracks for the car :slight_smile:

You might be interested in this


Looks fantastic

I’m sorry, I’m still not clear on what you are looking for. When you say “rip CDs” to use in your car, do you mean “burn CDs” to produce CDs to play in your car? Ripping reads the physical CDs to create digital audio files (e.g. FLAC files). Burning CDs is the reverse process…

I didn’t realise - yes I mean burn! I’ve changed the thread post to reflect.

I was thinking this yesterday. My old car has a 6-CD changer, with 6 mix CDs in the slots, each with a couple hundred MP3s. Now that I’ve come to Roon-ation, I was wondering how to burn new mixes. In iTunes, I made a playlist, then burned that to a CD. Seems to be no analogue with Roon.

Exactly - nice to have some CD comps for long trips especially.

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