Certifying Chord 2go

I would also be interested in knowing when the 2go receives full certification. ATM many people are experiencing difficulties with random pops and clicks and a lack of full hires steaming. ( frequent drop outs at 192 and dsd 256 rates). Full certification would mean that these issues would be addressed, I hope!

For what it’s worth, I too have seen 2go dropping at higher bit rates. Placed 2 feet away form the gigabit access point.

Can someone at roon please comment on the status with the 2go? It would be helpful to know if there are improvements in the pipeline with respect to streaming with the 2go. Chord are essentially absent in 2go forums but roon does have a responsibility towards its customers who buy ‘roon ready’ products.

Works fine for me almost the time, all PCM, any rate/bit depth, local or Qobuz. I do get neighborhood congestion on 2.4GHz WiFi occasionally, which is the reason I say “almost.”

Chord does advertise the 2go as “Roon Ready,” on their site, so it would make sense for Roon to make sure Roon’s and Chord’s expectations vs each other are correctly portrayed to customers. But Roon would never comment publicly on the state of their relationship with a partner.

I’ve had occasional dropouts as I carry my Hugo 2+2go around the house, as just now as I was walking from my study to the garden. All the evidence I have is that our WiFi is very solid (AmpliFi mesh, base access point + 3 mesh points) but the 2go seems to have a very touchy WiFi transceiver or network stack. It seems to go totally nuts if it is placed next to any larger piece of metal, in this case a bracket under the kitchen counter. That combines with Roon RAAT’s intolerance of any network glitches, and drop outs+skipped tracks follow. I don’t know who needs to fix what, but clearly this is not close to “Roon Ready.”

And here is what are we waiting for… :frowning:

I have reached out to Chord Electronics this morning with the question about 2go certification. Below is their reply.

Can Roon Support comment on this?

Dear Sir,

The 2Go has been with Roon Labs awaiting sign off since before it went on sale and we have worked with Roon to swiftly answer any follow up queries that have been asked. Naturally, we hope that Roon is also working to ensure that this deadline is met for items that are awaiting certification to ensure a seamless transition to these new rules.

All the best

Ed Selley / Customer Support
support@chordelectronics.co.uk / (+44) 01622 721 444

*Chord Electronics Ltd. *
The Pumphouse, Farleigh Bridge
Farleigh Lane, East Farleigh, Kent, ME16 9NB, United Kingdom


How disingenuous (I’m trying to be polite). I own a 2go, which is the least reliable Roon endpoint I’ve ever owned, including several that never claimed to be Roon Ready. If I were in the business of certifying it, I’d give it a FAIL.

Followup response from Chord - need confirmation from Roon:

I believe that has been done. I am sure that come the notional change in the rules in mid September, things should be OK.

This really angers me as a customer. Between the Chord Electronics and Roon it is the customer who wears the risk if uncertified past Sep 21. Customers do not care about which camp the current action resides. We just want the worry removed and certification given. Arguments like early product release or not our issue just doesn’t cut it. I have other tier one brands and the experience is the same whether its with software compatibility, bugs & fixes with Roon or just the streamers short product shelf life before being superseded and going out of support.

By no means does this fall solely at Roons feet. Its all the vendors that play in the streaming park to create the product and the services we consume. Right now it feels very immature as a business model and as I said earlier the user wears all the risk with product going in and out of support/certification.

About 4 weeks ago I sat on the fence with a 2go. I was going to purchase another certified device such as a Ultra Rendu…but having the Chord 2 went with the 2go. This is on top of all the other Roon certified devices I have purchased across my 5 zones with a $ outlay essentially car money. My expectation from a premium product and service is its reassuringly reliable albeit expensive and certainly supported.

Right now this feels just expensive and I am quickly getting disillusioned with the industry in general. Does the voice of the customer matter any more today…


No, the fault is totally on Chord’s side. If they had not advertised the 2go as Roon Ready, I would not have bought it, nor the Hugo 2 I got at the same time. They did, I got it, it kind of works as a Roon endpoint, but it fails too often. I really like how it sounds when it works, but I’m often frustrated by clicks and skips that undermine my music experience. I now use it only when I have no choice, and mostly from a microSD card rather than Roon. If I were not so busy, I’d be pursuing a refund for the whole package for failing to provide what they advertised.

Roon is just defending their IP and reputation. I feel Chord thought they could play fast and loose with Roon Labs because Chord is a famous high-end name who “everybody” respects. I don’t like to be caught in between, but I totally do not blame Roon for standing up to the bully.


Its a valid view, but its not black and white and I think to point only at the manufacturer you are loosing leverage. Don’t forget you are also a customer to Roon through subscription (or lifetime payment) and as a customer to their service they need to manage UX irrespective of where the issue lies to protect their own customer base.

Im hopeful Roon will be reading these forums for feedback. If they are my recommendation is to manage this very closely and get a clear communication out listing those devices scheduled for Sep 21 certification.

They certainly are, and they are reacting on the feedback received today. @danny tonight announced on another thread that they were looking into options to not block uncertified devices from functioning with Roon after the September 21 deadline. We will know tomorrow what they will come up with.

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Thanks Andreas

Nope. Chord did the deed when they sold us gear that is not only mis-advertised, but also malfunctions randomly as a Roon endpoint. Everything else follows from that. Roon has zero responsibility to support misuses of their software. That they worked out a way to grandfather uncertified equipment already owned by Roon users is going well beyond their obligations to us.

If you bought a counterfeit Rolex and presented it for warranty repair to a Rolex dealer, would you expect service?

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Folks, we can argue this back and forth forever. I asked Chord, they quickly responded. Said: "we have worked with Roon to swiftly answer any follow up queries that have been asked." I would now like to hear from Roon. What is the status of this certification? Is it in progress? If so, what’s outstanding? What is the ETA? Etc. So far - at least on this thread - Roon has been quiet.

According to @danny 2 days ago:

ok, I’ll email Chord again, and ask Support to check with engineering

I’ll be curious to hear what they say. From my experience so far, their Roon-related firmware definitely needs improvement as it seems to drop connections randomly even while sitting 1m from the WiFi access point, which a WiFi monitor showing good signal all along.

Got another response from Roon. I’m talking with Ed Selley in Customer Support. Contrary to the first communication, it looks like Chord had NOT yet provided firmware update. It’s in-progress, it seems however, and is expected to be completed “shortly”. I’ll continue following up with Chord, however it might be beneficial for you folks to “pile on” and let Chord know how you feel – to help expedite.

Here is the full message:

“I am sorry for the confusion. I had been informed that the software revision requested had already been sent to Roon when it hadn’t. I believe that this either been done or will be shortly done. We are committed to ensuring that the 2Go is certified in the manner that other current Chord Electronics products that have already passed through this process.”