Change Power supply

Hi I want change power supply for Roon Nucleus, Can I use SOtM The sPS-500 power supply?

This is spec for The sPS-500.
User interface
DC output on/off switch
Operating indicator LED x1
AC power input on/off switch(Rear panel)
AC power input
Voltage : 100Vac ~240Vac
Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
Current : 2.5A >
DC power output
Voltage : 7Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 19Vdc selectable
Voltage tolerance: ±10%
Current limit:
5A@ 7Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc
3.3A@ 19Vdc
Current tolerance: ±10%
Maximum output power :
50W@100Vac <, +50℃ > inside temperature

Similar question here. I have an SoTM sPS-1000 and thinking of using it to power my just ordered Nucleus+ which will also have a 4TB Samsung SSD installed in it. Thanks in advance.

I think you need a new dc cable, otherwise should be ok, has 19v out - this is my plan at least. My sps500 came with 2.1mm while Nucleus has 2.5mm. And it’s a special one with 4pin connector on the other end, still waiting for mine, so no practical proof.

That’s fine at 12Vdc or 19Vdc - either should work. That’s 60W, so all good.