Changing service from TIDAL to Qobuz

Try and import in Qobuz your artists, albums and playlists from Tidal.

Check your Qobuz account (you can use the web app for that) to see how it looks (it is very possible to miss some data since content between Tidal and Qobuz is not the same)

Make sure you have an working roon backup (backup at least two times in two different locations even if they are on the same disk in different folders, and hope that at least one backup wont be corrupted).

Set your Qobuz account in roon and wait for roon to synchronize with your Qobuz account.

See the results (and manually deal with the inevitable mess).

I don’t believe that an artist/song/album from Tidal set as favorites in Roon will keep that status when switching to Qobuz, so you’ll have to deal with that manually (the export function my help, i don’t know)

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I know about that service. To be able to use that on all albums, you have to pay for a subscription, otherwise you also there have to do one by one album. I was hoping to do this without having to pay for yet another subscription…

Also, l tried marking a couple albums for convert from tidal to Qobuz, it is converted in the Qobuz app, but it is not picked up in roon…

Artists same, if they are not marked in the tidal app but in roon directly,it is not even showing up…

Converted kings of metal, see the result

You only have to pay for one month, do whatever you want to do and then cancel the subscription. The tool and the utility it provides it’s worth more that that.

If you are sure that you have that exact album in your Qobuz account, it should show up in roon assuming that everything works. You have that exclamation mark (up right corner second picture) make sure that’s not something Qobuz/subscriptions/synchronize related (just fishing)

It is not showing up in roon. Tested on a couple more albums as well. The exlemention mark is for backup nas server down, there is nothing wrong with the service it is all synced up for every album added manually…

Try support, I’m sure they can help.

Pay for one month. If that’s too rich for you, probably shouldn’t be using Roon. Just sayin’

Qobuz provides a soundiiz link that works for such a transfer. At least they did a few months back when I switched.

I guess you are referring to this link : Eksporter Roon-spillelister og bibliotek til Qobuz

This is using the export function in roon, from Roon to Qobuz.

I am only aware of an export function in roon per album, and this is from roon to Qobuz…

How did you in this case get all album exported and how do you get them visible the Qobuz album in roon after?
I tried doing convert from tidal to Qobuz, that never showed the Qobuz album in roon, although it is showing in Qobuz. And where in roon is the export functionality to export every single album?

Even when I go directly in Qobuz and mark a album as favorit, this only shows up under the Qobuz tab in roon, it does not show up in my album list . Ex here I marked the John Mayer Sob Rock album in Qobuz app, it is synced just fine under the Qobuz section but it is not showing under the Album or Artist view (which is the view I am always using). So, using any export or import function, I have not been able to do this. Maybe I should have been more specific, this is the view I want the ex tidal albums to show in… Not under Qobuz folder, that is not used by me…

If it had worked as I need it to, that would not be any problem. but paying for something to figure out that it does not do what I need is just stupid

Of course i don’t know your system setup but i can assure you the soundiiz transfer works without issue. You can transfer your entire tidal content by album, track or playlist.There is also a “select all” tick box so its all complete in one transfer. It will also populate in Roon. Try the rescan button in settings storage. I know this because i did it with tidal to Qobuz and Tidal to Apple Music.

Well find something else. Or don’t use Roon. Simples.

I feel you…

Soundiiz is simply not the solution. It is still beyond my understanding why a (or better - the best) music library management software doesn’t incorporate (advanced) functions to manage music libraries.


It was a Soundiiz voucher Qobuz sent me a day or so after I joined. I already had a payed account, so didn’t use it. But Soundiiz worked fine for me, found most of my Apple Music and Tidal albums.

FYI have to pay to do Albums etc

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I‘ve switched between Tidal and Qobuz 2 times back and forth using Soundiz for one month (actually just one hour max)!
Soundiz worked perfectly smooth for me!
I‘ve added Discogs information to Soundiz as well. Now I have all my top collectable vinyl records in Qobuz as well, which makes sound comparisons super easy.

Don‘t do it manually! Life is too short!

many album have multiple selection, how will u be able to select the correct slbum you want? my understanding is that you can do real managment with this «management software». second, how will you select your favorit songs within the albums that was marked in tidal. in tidal, most album are mqa, which is the reason I am going away from tidal. are the sw able to match this in qobuz on the correct resolution feom the mqa album?

so the point here is that to me it seems you in any case have to go album by album to set rhis up as u actually which. this was my initial question here, but I cant see this is covered. correct me if I am wrong

Might have missed the point, but…

  • Soundiz transfers your Albums from Tidal to Qobuz or vice versa
  • Playlists can be transferred the same way, assuming they exist as real Playlists
  • Album versions are transferred as well
  • using Discogs, Soundiz identifies „a“ album that seems to be closest to the LP version. Maybe you have to select a higher Res here and there

Open topic FAVORITES: no idea, as I‘m not using that function

Qobuz sent me a free link when I moved from Tidal also.

Tunemymusic is free.
Yesterday I have transfer my favorites Qobuz in Tidal. It’s very fast.
Soundizz is not free.

You never had any albums unless you own the physical media or purchased a download. You just lived in a world of illusion.