Cheap Roon Endpoint

yah, i always think of CCA pucks as being roon ready… but I guess they’re only “roon tested”

they’re not perfect, but they seem to work pretty well; i mean, roon just sees em as good-to-go endpoints.


Perfect for the price as I paid £15 each for four of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Given two away to people who needed them, but still retain two.

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Three from Darko. Read the specs; two are Roon via Airplay. All are WiFi.


Good post Sir, the Argon Stream One was what I was thinking of. Just couldn’t remember it and didn’t have enough bandwidth to stream :+1:

The Mii box has too many issues based on people I have known who have used them.
The Wiim looks interesting, but don’t know anyone with them as I thought not available in Europe

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Argon Solo looks perfect, and proves my point. $249 (euro ≈ dollar at the moment) for a decent wifi endpoint with RCA out and Roon Ready.

But it doesn’t ship to the USA, EU only and no dealers or availability anywhere else, so no dice for me. I have a couple friends in the EU who could help me out but then that makes it more hassle and I have to bother them with shipping.

As it stands I’ve found an older Intel Atom 8350-based micro PC for $90 and been able to install DietPi on it after a few days of tweaking, and it works fine plugging in one of my spare Topping D10s. Will work for the time being and I can put together a couple more easily.

But again, still a DIY hacked-together effort to have a streamer at the $200 price point. I contend there’s a market for the Argon Solo worldwide! I’d buy three on the spot.

Side note edit: I think Roon Ready is absolutely essential to have a fully integrated Roon system at home today. It’s required for best quality, higher resolution, and importantly for multi-endpoint households, for grouping playback. AirPlay or other stream “fallbacks” are a non-starter for me.

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There you go! A Roon Ready network streamer & DAC with “audiophile sound quality” and not just one but eight internal power supplies, all fed by a USB Mini plug! Good use for those ten year old USB Mini power bricks I have lying around. Max bit rate is a bit limited, because it doesn’t have USB out.

I find the Argon store fronts a bit odd. It has separate stores for Denmark, Germany, and Sweden – and then there’s a “Europe” store. Is there something about the EU that we don’t know about?

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Looks like an ideal product. Wish I could buy it!

I’ve bought a few of these and have been using them in various rooms of my house. Mini pc - USB to DAC to either headphone amp or amp with speakers. I use a Samsung A7 tablet as a controller throughout the house. Quick easy setup and it’s ready to go.

[N40 Mini PC Fanless Celeron N4020 (up to 2.8GHz) with Windows 10 4GB DDR4/64GB eMMC Mini Computers HDMI 2.0 and VGA Port 2.4/5.8G WiFi BT4.2 3xUSB3.0 Support Linux,NGFF 2242 SSD Auto Power On Tiny PC]

Not quite. No USB out or Ethernet connection.

As a streamer to sit anywhere in the house without the need for an external DAC, it has no need for Ethernet or USB. I definitely don’t need or want either for my needs.

If you need them there are plenty of other options and I think it’s reasonable to pay a bit more if you’re looking for more features and extensibility.