Classical Albums by composer

Sorry to take this to a support forum, i figured i would find it somewhere. Should be easy - I want to search on a composer, Haydn for instance, and then see all the “Haydn” albums in my library. (not compositions, albums). I keep trying, and seems like there are a few klugy ways to do it, but what’s the best way??

Also, when using focus - how do i save a “focus” so I can use it again.

To save a focus, use the “Add bookmark” item under the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the screen. That will save the criteria for the focus, so if you add new albums that meet those criteria, they will automatically be added to the focus.

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I believe this is still a feature request see the attached thread which , I think, asks for what you are after. The roon team have said they are reworking the entire way metadata works, no delivery timescale.

I use the ‘composition’ or ‘work’ tag for that (and ‘movement’ or ‘part’ for movements if any) and it works perfectly. I used to use the ‘album’ tag for composition and track title for movement, so I am currently in the process of editing all metadata…

I always add the composer as a primary artist on the album level, then you get a list of albums per composer (composer–>performer)

In album list mode, using focus to select all classical albums, you can then focus on composer.
A list with composer’s name is presented, in order of number of albums.
If you than select a composer, you will only see the related albums, and you can attribute a tag (or a bookmark ?) to this selection.
This is only really feasible for the ‘most wellknown’ composers, so it definitely will not work for the true classic music lovers with a hugh catalog.


Did you get a resolution? It seems to work fine for me, but I know the topic is almost a year old.

@Kuryan_Thomas - I don’t know if you were referring to my post. The problem I have is not yet fixed (I think). I can focus on an album view and select classical, but the sort is on Album (I can see why this does that). Album often works, but not always. Also you can not focus on composers of interest unless you create long lists of bookmarks.

I would sum this up as needing a more generic search/sort/view facility as I had suggested previously. For example, I would also like to be able to focus on composers by perriod. Sometimes you feel like baroque, sometimes not :grinning: