Clean Up Library should list the "deleted" files it proposes to remove

This makes a lot of sense to me as well. I just checked, and there’s no additional detail available in the RoonServer_log.txt either. I was sort of hoping maybe the files would be listed in the debug logs on the server as a hack-ish way to see what’s up.

I’ve got 10 “deleted files” to clean up and I’d sure love to know what they are before I dump them.

+1 being able to view deleted files from Roon DB.

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Just checked again, and… it would be really nice to know what it’s cleaning up.


I have the same problem. I want to know what has been removed from my Tidal account.

Old thread I know… but +1

But the files to Clean Up are no longer in your Roon library and by definition not in your Roon Watched folder(s)

In my case they are (carefully) Moved of Deleted files simply adding unwanted bulk to the library

The question is what and why, as you’ve no way of knowing? Perhaps you purposely deleted something, so ok. Perhaps a rare prized album becomes corrupt (Data Rot) and vanishes. You could restore it from a backup, if only you knew! A list of “clean up items” would be very useful.


Files are not moved, the database reference to the file is moved to “deleted files”.

By moved I meant that I had moved them to another location , not Roon

And in my case they’re likely to be Qobuz tracks that I added to my library but are no longer available on Qobuz. At least, that’s what I assume they are because there’s no way to know.

And if that has happened, I want to know what tracks/albums they are because I may want to buy them from somewhere else because I want them to still be in my library.

Mike, I think you are missing the point. If I deliberately move files out of my Roon-watched music folder, and Roon Libraries then asks if I want to delete a matching number of files from its database, then sure, I go ahead and delete them.

The problem is what to do when Libraries asks the question and I didn’t deliberately delete any files, or the number doesn’t match what I expect. Right now Roon doesn’t give you any information about the file entries it proposes to delete, so you have no basis on which to decide whether this is a safe delete (it actually matches what you did, and your memory may be faulty) or an unsafe delete (part of the set of drives Roon monitors has had a hardware problem and disappears, a streaming source has had a glitch or other failure, or something completely mysterious has happened).

The feature request doesn’t propose that every time Roon asks if you want to delete file entries you have to review a list of all the entries involved, it just proposes that Roon make that information available to look at when you need to.

In your case you believe you’ll never need to review the list. Several others have posted situation in which they really wanted to review the list. Hence they, and I, believe this is a reasonable feture request.

This would be a useful feature. Let’s just hope the UI is appropriate if they implement it.

I see how it could be useful in some scenarios

+1 for that feature from me, too.

I curated every single one of these 4213 albums, added pictures to every artist etc. I want to know what is missing in my collection, so I can fix it.

+1 also. TIDAL seems to be removing stuff, and then I loose the metadata. It would be nice to see the list of removed files and all the other information present in the DB (play count, tags, date, etc). That way I can at least evaluate if I want to buy the missing album. At least TIDAL keeps reminding me why it’s better to own than rent.

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I know this is an old thread, but the more I use Roon, the more it’s bothering me, that I lose control over my music collection. I want to gather plays, I want Roon to learn, what I listen to, have my own music … but when Tidal deletes every two weeks some albums, and I have no idea, what has been deleted, it makes for a very disappointing experience. Once or twice, I found later a much played album removed from my library, lost all plays, but the the album was available to be added to my library anew.

Is there any chance this feature (to have a detailed list, what content has been removed and needs cleaning up) is going to be available?

Otherwise, I’m thinking about returning to downloads instead of streaming.

edit: and I know, that Roon can not do much about a streaming service deleting / replacing files, but to have some sort of log to see what happened should be possible, shouldn’t it?


Same behavior in v1.8:

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To do so, Roon would need to keep a running Database for each customer. Than would require a huge increase in capacity and resources. 99% of the “to be deleted songs” are in the first category. They are primarily songs that you have physically deleted from Roon, or changed their location in one of several ways. The last group is for when you disable a drive. I have one drive just for Christmas music. On December 26, I disable the drive, and the number of songs shows up in the 3rd group. Roon has no idea what those tracks are, as the drive has been disabled and is no longer readable by Roon. On December 1, I enable the drive, group 3 shows “0”, and the songs are added back into my database. It would be intractable, if not impossible for Roon to tell me what songs show up in this group (or even the other two) from 12/26 to 12/1 the following year. Even if it is possible to do, Roon would probably slow down so much that many of us would abandon it.

I want to stay polite here, but we users have little, if any, idea of what Roon developers would need to do to implement this feature or how much effort it would take.

In your particular case, you always know which tracks should be deleted, so the feature would be of very little value to you. Since you think this will require significant effort from Roon, you naturally don’t want them spending time on it.

Others see a great deal of value in having this implemented. Please read the entire thread to get their view of why it would be valuable to them, and don’t make assumptions about how much Roon resources would be consumed - let the Roon developers make that evaluation.

I listen to very little classical music. Does that mean I should object to any effort Roon makes to improve its handling of classical music, which clearly has consumed a lot of resources recently. Roon clearly felt the effort was worth it in serving their overall user base, which of course includes many enthusiastic listeners to classical music.

The same here - this feature would halp the many users who have had tracks disappear from Roon mysteriously.

There is no evidence implementing this feature would have the dire effects you predict. Remember that Roon already knows which tracks are missing, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to offer a count of them or delete them from the database. It just doesn’t let the user know which ones it will delete if they say yes to the cleanup.


This is EXACTLY what Roon does.

Eh? So how does it know they’ve gone?