Combine tags in search

Hi. I suppose this might be another feature request if it isn’t something I am doing wrong. I wanted to find all the albums in my collection that I have tagged both Baroque and Cantata. So I added both using focus and much to my surprise and consternation the albums displayed were all of each - so all albums tagged cantata AND all albums tagged Baroque. Very strange. I wanted to see my baroque cantata albums only and if I had wanted say all baroque albums I would just add Baroque. This is not correct behaviour in the search at all and not at all useful. So if 2 search terms are added using focus and both marked with a plus sign I would really expect the search to treat them as both needing to be true.

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There is a rather complex solution: filtering options

As the one who probably first used this workaround, I will say it is not very efficient, for two big reasons:

(1) It takes a long time to implement. You have to create “negative tags” that tag everything you want excluded from your search result;

(2) Roon’s database performance is far too slow to do this at any scale. A few objects work ok - anything of significant size, and you wait minutes, long minutes, for the filter queries to complete.

The end result is it technically works but it is not really usable. Whatever Roon’s object model, and it is great in many ways in terms of potential for finding relationships, it is too slow with multiple tags to work at scale. I wouldn’t bother trying such things for now.

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As a new and happy Roon user, I have to say that I find it surprising that the search function is OR rather than AND, and there is no way to do an AND search. The workaround mentioned is clumsy, clutters up your library with a bunch of negative tags and I believe would require constant updating of the negative tags, adding them to all new library additions, for it to continue to work. These are very un-Roon-like qualities!

Does anyone know if Roon is working on an AND search feature?


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Well, as above, they’ve got to get the database performance up to par first. I’m sure Roon doesn’t see the point in implementing a feature that will only generate complaints. I went through and did a large set of negative tags to use my workaround, but I don’t use it. Far too slow. Like you can go grab dinner and come back slow. I’d bet Roon has to rearchitect their whole database schema to make it work. So maybe will never happen. That makes Tags far less useful than they first appear, or at least more work to make them useful.