COMMIT to Roon?

Use a tag editor to copy your comments tag to a tag called release and force a rescan of the albums.

Just remember, if you partake in the technology…you are helping it grow and stick round. Wondering if it will be around forever will not help a technology be around forever…partaking in that technology will help it have staying power.


Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Since there seem to be a number of iTunes to Roon migrants here, let me bring up another issue. I really enjoy that Roon can display the liner notes, but the pdf/jpg’s need to be “nested” in the same directory along with the album. Currently I have my music (which Roon is watching) in the default iTunes directory, but all the liner notes stored with my FLAC backup copy on an attached drive. I could copy there artwork folders into the individual iTunes album directories, but the catch is iTunes keeps that folder “organized”. So If the album or artist metadata gets edited, the art will get left behind in the old folder. I could a) just be aware of this and adjust things on the rare instances I change metadata that has nested artwork in the directory structure, or b) turn off organization, but that’s a headache in its own right … thoughts?

Just export it all to another folder add your PDF’s and let Roon watch that. Keep iTunes if you must, I never have used it. Still breathing lol… :sunglasses:

I’ve always thought that iTunes organization was a headache - prefer to have it turned off and organise folders as I want them.

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You forgot one very important aspect - how is SQ with Roon compared to other software players

You could simply add the liner notes (as a pdf) directly in iTunes. There you can add the same metadata to it, that you have for the corresponding artist/album. iTunes will move the pdf to the same directory then.

Thanks @crieke - I tried adding a few PDF’s to iTunes, per your suggestion - while it’s a successful workaround for someone still using iTunes to organize their library, I ultimately ditched that plan because it was more convenient to have Roon natively display the artwork (jpeg’s), rather than open up a separate program to view them (pdf’s).

Another issue I’ve encountered as I try to customize Roon to my library: when Roon recognizes a specific release, it nicely displays the both the album’s release date and original release date. However, I find that Roon’s selection of releases for a given album is often quite limited (certainly compared to a comprehensive website like, and frequently can’t match my particular release. In those cases, I’ve set Roon to prefer my tags for release date and original release date - but Roon never displays this info in the “release date/original release date format” (like it does for a recognized release). I’ve tried playing around with how my files are tagged, but without success. How should I be tagging my files so that “release date/original release date” appears correctly (when Roon doesn’t recognize the specific release)?

Also is there any way for other tag information (label, country of release, etc) to appear visible on the main album screen like release date/original release date does?


Long story short: My 2c in your case is, if you care about:
a- Roon’s vast metadata
b- Roon’s hires sound distribution capabilities
c- Ability to run HQPlayer as a player
d- TIDAL integration
then get Roon. If none of these are really a burning desire, then don’t.

I would give the probability of iTunes being around in 10 yrs a 100%. I would give Roon’s probability a bit lower, especially if Spotify decides to go all in and replicate Roon’s features while upgrading to a hifi offer. If the latter pans out Roon is not something I will be using for long (sorry folks!).

Advantages of your iTunes setup:
1- iDevice integration is useful - if you run Roon you’d still need iTunes for your iDevices, and having a lossy/lossless duplication is not the end of the world
2- You can run iTunes, have your playlists in iTunes and your iDevices, etc, all be the same
3- You can run iTunes, make as many copies of your library onto laptops you take with you on vacation, etc.

I don’t think iTunes+HiRes player (Pure Music, Audirvana, etc) is a bad combo at all.

Disadvantages of your setup
1- No TIDAL integration
2- Zone playing in Roon is very versatile, much more than iTunes’s - in particular when playing high res music
3- Metadata in Roon is in a class of its own

Going to Roon, you win some, you loose some, and you will not be able to rid yourself of iTunes regardless. Tough choice.

I have a complicated setup that works for me:
a- Roon at my city home with my main hires library + TIDAL
b- I keep a limited res ALAC copy of my library for my mobile devices (everything above 96KHz is downsampled to power of 2 rate (192 to 96, 176 to 88), for size only, and DSD is downsampled to 88 PCM
c- iTunes library - not the same library, I have a lot of techno, Ministry of Sound, etc in iTunes that I don’t have in my main library. Also video (movies, music concerts, etc)

It’s a complicated ecosystem that doesn’t really feel that complicated to me but I’m a bit of a geek.

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thanks for the reply @miguelito! in my limited experience with roon, i agree with most of your points. i think part of what appeals to me about roon is not even available yet (although it hopefully will be): i really like how roon cleans up the messy interface of the multiple copies/duplicates on itunes, thus allowing non-supported itunes formats to be played natively and designated as “primary copies” (when they are the best version that i have). my HOPE is that roon will someday soon figure out music streaming to an iphone, including outside my home network. then i would be all in- because it would eliminate the need to “jerry-rig” itunes with checking/un-checking multiple versions and 3rd part playback software. it would also eliminate the need to hang on to itunes for device syncing, as i would just stream from roon to my phone, where ever i wanted to listed to music…

i guess in the meantime i’ll continue to hedge my bets!