Comparing the T2 and X1 - what should I listen for?

Not sure why you’d be posting this here - if you can’t find a deal on a product not covered by the thread that’d be your problem.

Maybe not - but lots of people succeed in that regard without even trying.

Get a better amp? Hard to believe the two sound even close.try the optical ethernet connection.

I must admit I have never understood what salespeople mean by “warm” as far as sound is concerned…

Lumin basically cloned Linn Klimax. That’s a massive dick move. Still waiting for Lumin to develop something original.

Lumin had DSD supported since day 1, and the T2 and X1 support DSD512 nowadays. The other brand isn’t even technically Roon Ready, and does not support MQA (for those who want it). Leedh Processing Volume. And you already know, fiber network. Plenty of their users use our native app, a few years ago their company even sent a change request to us such that their users can continue to use our app.


Sounds like a new topic.

@Strojo what made you pick the X1?
I wonder because until now I mostly read the T2 its price quality ratio would make it the better pick. You making the other choice makes me curious. What made you tip over?

Strojo i have really hard time to follow you , as what you say in this post about Lumin T2 and Lumin X1 , to you sound almost identical…which for me is really hard to believe as i myself have had the Lumin T1 and heard Lumin T2 , Lumin S1 and Lumin X1 in my own system as well as at a dealer event…and i have to say that to my 57 Years old ears . the difference is substantial between T2 and X1 . if you hardly can tell a difference i dont understand why you decided to go with the much more costly X1 .
For me the Lumin X1 has so much to offer in terms of soundstageing and also bringing singers vocal intentions or feelings into play at a hole other level than what the T2 offers…the same goes for instruments like guitars…and my system is not state of the art. I am using Accuphase E-470 with Focus Audio FS788 loudspeakers my power cords and distribution is NordOst Frey 2 with QB4 soon to be QB8 speaker cables and interconnect are Yter.


I’m not going to listen to an X1 based on Peter’s response, because when I last heeded his feedback, it took me all of ten minutes to purchased the T2 after listening to it vs the D2, and I don’t want to spend more money on digital.

No doubt the X1 sound better. I wish my Leben CS600x supported balanced inputs so I could compare the T2 in balanced mode, but only my headphone amp works with balanced sources.

Thanks Flemming, at 3x the price I would expect that too.

I already get compliments about my current sound with the T2. I expect with the X1 people start moving in.


Lumin didn’t ‘clone’ a Linn KDS - they produced something unique.

As Peter @wklie has already stated, Lumin were on-board with DSD from day-one. It took Linn until their Katalyst range in 2017 to even acknowledge DSD. And as for MQA? Linn still don’t support it.

I have owned both Lumin and Linn streamers. I currently use a Linn KDS/3, and a Lumin A1.

IMO Lumin is the better of the two brands with respect to streaming. Period.


@wklie, does optical ethernet sound better than the copper? Or does it depend on some other factors?

Many users (including those not using a Lumin) found it to sound different.

When we were introducing Lumin X1 we did a demo and A/B comparison. Some (more) users preferred the optical network. Some (less) users preferred copper Ethernet.

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Many thanks @wklie for the info, it’s very helpful, especially from the expert who makes the best streamers.