Configure two smart speakers as stereo pair?

Is it possible to tell Roon to play the left track out of one smart speaker and the right out of a different one, to set up two monophonic smart speakers like Google Home Minis as a stereo pair?

I guess you could use DSP Engine > Procedural EQ > Mix to have one only playing the left channel and to other the right. When grouped, this should result in what you’re after.


I was considering this if and when I start doing a Beocreate project.

Sonos makes a smart speaker (uses Alexa) that can be configured as a stereo pair. Not sure about Google-centric speakers.

I have a pair of Sonos Play 5 Mk1s set up as a stereo pair in my bedroom. I have the TV hooked up to the aux in on the right hand speaker which works well, but the best thing is that I can play anything from Roon through them and the results are spectacular!

Thanks, all. I was wondering if Roon could do it for speakers which, unlike Sonos and various others, don’t have a proprietary pairing protocol.

Hmmm, I’m not seeing the “Procedural EQ” submenu under “DSP Engine”:

In the left column (bottom) you can add a filter and choose Procedural.

Ah, thanks! Got it. I can then add a “Mute Channel” operation, which will prevent either the left or right channel from coming out. Or a “Mix”, and turn one of the channels down to 0%.

This should do it for the left one. For the right speaker, set both input channels to right.

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Thanks! Another thing: I don’t see the processing speed indicator when I look at the signal path; is there another switch that has to be thrown to enable that?

Processing speed is only shown when it is lower than 100x:

If you don’t see it, you’re fine. :slight_smile:

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Hi @RBM,

I was just testing this type of config using my iPhone & iPad – my settings match your instructions.

While it is tough to determine with confidence (because of how different the two devices sound), it seems like there might be a timing issue. Can you confirm that Roon should be handling the syncing perfectly in this scenario? Or might there be some factors that might cause some timing issues? While I do not have other DSP settings enabled for either device, would having different DSP filters for each device cause a problem?

For reference, I am using the latest version of Roon server (ethernet to wifi 802.11ac – aka wifi5) and Apps (wifi 802.11ac / wifi5).


Hi Bill
The answer is definitely “yes”
I have two chromecast audios as Roon endpoints one goes into the left hand Acoustic Energy AE1 active, the other to the right hand AE1 Active.
I used the Chrome app to make them into a multiroom system which Roon recognises.
This means that I can have a speaker cable free setup which pleases my wife.
There is no “lag” at all and it works really well.
The only “however” is that the chromecast Audios are only CD bitrate quality, so it does not sound as good as a decent DAC. You could work around this by using two chord Mojos though, which I have also tried as I borrowed a second one from a friend. Not sure it would be worth the cost for the google home speakers, but the chromecast audios would as they are peanuts to buy.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards

Not true they can play up to 96/24 on the ChromeCast audio puck, although a lot complain it drops out at this resolution.

Can do it with 2 chromecasts. Ive done it with a pair of cca and adam a5x to eliminate wires. Works well :slight_smile:

Thanks for great tip!

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I have a stereo pair of Sonos 5 speakers which I want to convert to Raspberry pi with IQaudio Dac Amp+. This would require the left channel going into one speaker and the right into the other. The Sonos 5 pair work great with Roon, but with the caveat that they are not RAAT and can not be grouped. But running them separately works great. Roon automatically senses the Sonos configuration.

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