Congratulations to team Roon

You took the time you needed to deliver a significant step forward.
I still find the metadata options complex and dispersed as opposed to a simpler global setting that would allow me to always use my file metadata. Nonetheless, I now feel this is at a level where I will go through all the artist and album metadata and tweak the individual items to suit my needs.
Any chance of user-sourced artists photos being given the same full-screen treatment as Roon-sourced images?
Congratulations and thank you.

I’ve found that if I use a 1920 x 1080 image then it does fill the screen. Here’s an example:

Actually, the “rules” for “full-screen” artist pictures are given here:

Useful to know as sometime you just can’t find the picture you want to use at a proper size/aspect ratio and want to “tweak” it in graphics software.