Controlling Roon with Harmony Remote?

Is there any known way that allows to use a Harmony remote for controlling roon on a Windows PC? (Play, Pause, Browse)

The Apple Remote (this little aluminium stick) I can use for Play and Pause. Browse I never tried.

I run Roon on windows 10 on an Mac Mini.
But if you want to use a Remote not only the server can be installed. You need also the Client part.
Since approx. 2 weeks I run only the Roon Server on the computer. The Apple Remote doesn’t run now.

If you have an environment like that, maybe this could be a possibility for you.
With only Windows (not Mac based) with an IR sensor, you can try to find a remote and program your Harmony with this Remote. I don’t know how compatible the Apple Remote is.
Maybe you have a Media PC.

I hope this can help you a bit.

I have the exact same requirement. Has there been any improvement in the ability to control Roon Transport functions with a Logitech Harmony since the OP almost 2 years ago?

I have Harmony Ultimate with hub. Works great to control Apple TV and PS Audio DS Roon endpoints, also with Oppo transport. Any device that has IR control, and is/can be a Roon endpoint should respond to play/pause, skip forward, skip back. The device has to be setup in Harmony as well, of course.

This is the closest thing I know of:

I use Flirc USB (albeit the older version), an infrared dongle that plugs into your PC. I’ve set it up to work with basic media control commands – play, pause, skip and the like.

I have a Flirc USB for my HTPC. Do you know if it works with ROCK?

Once programmed, a Flirc shows up as a keyboard. So it should register with ROCK as a keyboard.

But I doubt that there is software on the ROCK that will respond to the keyboard presses. So it is doubtful that it will do what you want it to do.

But I could program the keys on the Windows HTPC first, I’ll have to try it.

Sorry I haven’t tried Flirc with Linux. Their site seems to have Debian and RPM packages available if you’d like to try it out. On Windows, the software comes with key mappings for Kodi/XBMC, Boxee, Windows Media Center, Amazon Fire TV, etc – I have it set up for Media Center and it works pretty well.

I have flirc setup on Windows HTPC, Kodi, etc. Works great. Moved the dongle over to my ROCK machine, reboot, nothing. I reprogramed transport keys to be sent to FLIRC device in Harmony setup…

Doesn’t appear to be seen, no keys are recognized.

I would also like full Roon control within Harmony. If you look at the movie-playing app Plex, you can just add it as a “device” in Harmony setup by telling it Plex as device-type, then all the controls work and you can define Plex+outputdevice as an “activity”. I assume this is something Plex (like many other device manufacturers) have done with Logitech. Is this something Roon could look into please?

Hi, it may be worth a look at this thread :slight_smile:

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Dumb question here, but it is only for the wifi enabled newer versions of the Logitech Harmony remotes, right?

I have an old IR only version and I know I cannot control Roon with it.

Yes, hub-based wifi connected Harmony is required

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Thank you, I figured so.