Cost effective Roon endpoints

(Peter Kaufman) #41

I use an Allo DigiOne. I love it!

(Stephen Dawson) #42

Thanks for the ideas. There seems to me to be an opening for a specific headphone amp with Roon built in (unless I’ve missed one).

(Mr Fix It ) #43

I use an IQAudIO DigiAMP+ hat as a headphone amp with Ropieee all in a little box…in the link below I was using Volumio

(Iftach Landau) #44

I actually use the CuBox as an endpoint (to LAN with cable, and to the Qutest DAC with USB). It runs flawlessly and is less obtrusive in the living room, in my eyes

(David Hamby) #45

The Apple TV images noticeably worse than the Digi+ or Chromecast Audio (now supported). This is attributed to the jitter on the ATV TOSlink output.

This an ATV implementation issue and not a TOSlink issue as the Chromecast Audio TOSlink images is dramatically better.

(Chris ) #46

I now find my Meridian 218 and DSP 5200SE speaker system is the most cost effective Roon end point I could want. (I know it’s not RAAT)
Ok ok… I’m being controversial as it’s not cheap, but honestly… it just works so well and sounds so great that I’m not looking for anything else. I don’t even need to balance a door stop on top of things and who said cost effective HAD to mean cheap? (Although it can)

(Tony) #47

Exactly, you can start with a house brick or a breeze block, no need for some Audiophool doorknob! It is more in keeping with the size and shape of your Meridian kit anyway and would look great on top of the Meridian stack. Who would know you were being ‘cost effective’ if you wrapped it in tin foil anyway? :smiley:

(Chris ) #48

Hmmm, I’ll wrap up a pile of gravel perhaps… :joy:

(Ralph Pantuso) #49

My vote is for the regular Google Chromecast, not the Chromecast Audio, coupled with either a home theater receiver (with HDMI inputs), such as these Marantz units:

or either of these DACs, both of which have an HDMI input: or

I say this because when I switched over to Roon from LMS (Logitech Media Server) about a month ago I found that I now multiple ways to stream music to my home theater setup:

Method 1 - Roon -> Squeezebox Touch digital output -> Marantz HTR digital input - the way I had been streaming when using LMS

Method 2 - Roon -> Marantz HTR via AirPlay

Method 3 - Roon -> Chromecast HDMI output -> Marantz HTR HDMI input

Methods 1 & 3 both sound excellent, while Method 2 via Airplay does have some restrictions ( Plus with Method 3 (Chromecast) one can use the TV to show the now playing screen, which frankly needs a little work but does nice job of showing the lyrics, when available.

So for $35 or less the Google Chromecast is about the most cost effective endpoint there is and it supports 24bit/96kHz streaming.

(Walter Fruge) #50

I have done a lot of projects with the Rasberry Pi, I would be happy to build a Pi with what every hat and case you like. You can email me at declinedesign at and we can talk about what your needs are.