Crossfade and bit perfect impossible?

Good call, I have mojo2 already and indeed found myself playing with those features with joy. This was actually one more reason I got into suspecting that EQ (traditional way) has a weakness to be adressed. As if Rob Watts supported my suspicions. It got me even more on the bitperfect train, prolly a naive thought when it comes to Roon EQ.
Mojo2 is not in my main setup though. I do flavor EQ with mojo2 according to different headphones or IEM.

The point is, once you change the lossless signal in any way, it is no longer lossless, by definition. That doesn’t mean you degraded the SQ at all. The reason you change the signal is to make it sound BETTER than lossless.

This is exactly my experience.
I retry DSP every few months (in case progress has been made in the code), but so far I’ve always come back to bit-perfect.

What about Volume Levelling , that’s the same argument .

I for one listen mostly on headphones so volume levelling is a must to save sudden jolts !! sometimes I see volume levelling at -7 to -10 db !!

Dogmatism regarding a need for bit perfect replay to attain audio nirvana and DSP operations somehow audibly degrading the signal per se originates in a lack of understanding paired with audio nervosa.

Have a look at @DrCWO’s measurements regarding distortions introduced by Roon’s DSP volume control, for example, to understand that distortions by the process will remain inaudible, being at below -178dB, no matter how resolving one’s magical system component matching synergy may be.

On the other hand, if one really does suffer signal degradation, it’s more likely caused by user error due to improper filtering or signal clipping…

I’ve never gotten on with DSP for headphones. Tried it again recently and I am back to bit perfect. However on my main system Room EQ works wonders and improves it no end and stays.

The only DSP I use is the Volume Levelling , is that even DSP. I try headroom stuff occasionally but find no difference.

The HD800 are great even left alone :sunglasses:

Yes it’s DSP your altering the original bits.