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Andrew, I’m considering purchasing an Intel NUC running ROCK to run Roon. Have you used this combination and is there an audible improvement in sound compared to running Roon from my PC?



Can you please tell me witch pin is the mains phase on the Rossini?

Thank you

I use this configuration myself and highly recommend it to anyone. All things being equal there’s not really any benefit in terms of sound quality, but it’s a nice easy solution that just works.

I’m not sure I understand the question.

Sorry for my bad English. But this article may Help:


My Methot was Always: ( in this case Rossini have in Phase on the Upper IEC - pin )

METHOD 3: Measuring

For this you need a sensitive multimeter, a grounded outlet and a non-grounen outlet (or cheater plug).

  1. Disconnect all components from each other (interlinks as well) and the power.
  2. Connect 1 component to the unearthed oputlet, still not connected to the others.
  3. Meaure the voltage that exists between the earthed outlet’s earth and the chassis of the component you’re measuring.
  4. Reverse the schuko connector and measure again…

The lowest measured voltage indicates the proper phase.

The IEC plug standard ensures that the live (mains) phase is on the proper pin (the one with the fuse) as long as your power cables and house are wired correctly. We do not support messing with the arrangement of the incoming power feed as the benefits are questionable and the potential problems are life-threatening.

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All you should really care about is that the ground of the single ended (RCA) terminals (ie the outter connection) is at a potential almost identical to the pre/amp you’re connecting it too. The way to measure it would be to check whether there’s DC between the two AND AC between the two as well. The proper way would be to measure it with an oscilloscope.

You will always find some voltage, probably in the order of a couple of volts or less if not connected. That should not be an issue. What you don’t want obviously is a ground loop. This should not really exist.