Dealing with album art in Roon

Roon is always aiming to provide a match to good metadata, with Rovi (AMG/Allmusic) the premium source for the Roon metadata server. As far as I can see, Rovi only has one cover image per album. Therefore Roon is set-up with one cover per “album”, be it an individual CD or a set. This means that when the metadata server has an “original album covers” set as a single item, you will get a single cover.

Practically speaking though you can choose, because you can make Roon fetch the discs as individual albums rather than as a set. This only gets messy when the set has something in it which was never released in individual album form, although even that can be worked around in a number of ways.

What you can’t currently do is mix the two. I would also like this: each album in the set having its own cover, and the set as a whole having a cover. This would either mean user intervention or Rovi et al upgrading their offering, or both. (I think Roon’s amazing power with metadata really has the ability to make Rovi up the ante…)

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Ah, I see what you’re asking @audiomuze. We do not currently do the wildcard matching that you propose but I’m open to adding more patterns for recognizing cover images.

As for disc-specific images – if there is an interest we may consider it for the future.

Throwing this into the mix. Sometimes you want different cover art for certain songs within a folder where you’ve already got a folder.jpg file that’s appropriate for the bulk of the tracks. In Sonos (probably accidentally) this can be done by storing an alternative album cover in the file itself as a tag. Easily done in MP3tag or Tag&Rename, etc. If there’s an album-cover tag in the actual file, Sonos displays that, otherwise it defaults to folder.jpg. Works nicely.

it would be nice to have a little toggle that allows us to force use of local jpg files. I spent weeks getting the album art I wanted for each of my albums. Roon knows best after a 90 minute library import?

i’d rather not spend more weeks clicking through each album in Roon just to force my selected file.

Absolutely !

I want control over my carefully selected artwork.

In my case, album art is stored as [album].jpg in the folder holding the actual music files. 99.9 % of the time, I want the cover of an album to correspond to the cover of the original release of the album, i.e., I don’t want any “remaster”/“gold disc”/whatever album artwork. An option in Roon settings to force the use of local artwork would be perfect. I guess this goes along with the “control over the metadata” issue that I have with Roon. I spent years carefully tagging my music so I would like to use my own genre tags, my own artwork, etc… Apart from that, Roon is completely outstanding !

On a side note, additionnal artwork (back, CD, liner notes, etc.) are stored in a subfolder named /(artwork). Other software already offer cool solutions to view the additional artwork.


+1 for both better box set/collection handling (i.e. a main image for the box set, which when clicked on opens up the box set and shows the individual covers for each disc in the set, if they are there) and for incorporating liner notes and rear album covers! :smiley:

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+1 here as well. The aim would be to mimic the actual content album art wise as closley as possible.

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What software do you use for viewing the other art and liner notes

JRiver via the JRemote app running on an iPad.

Come on Roon, let’s blow JRiver out of the water on this one :wink:

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As I’ve posted elsewhere, this is one of the features I would like to see implemented at the earliest opportunity.

When I first discovered ROON it was suggested this would be available.

Have to say I was disappointed it was not included in 1.1

Could we have a comment from the Roon Guys on this point please as they have been very quiet on this.


Yes. I’d like to be able to have an option to prioritize artwork selections universally. I, too, have painstakingly put the cover art I want in each folder. It is sometimes different than what is in the file metadata, Roon currently seems to prioritize the metadata over the cover.jpg file. My only option is to manually import it into Roon.

@mike do you know if @jeremiah got to this?

As far as I can tell it’s not functioning as requested. (Meaning: a box set with each disc in CD1, CD2 etc can have cover.jpg in the parent folder and Roon will find it.)

I have a more basic issue with cover art. I added a number of CD’s I ripped myself. I went online and grabbed jpg files for every cover and added each jpg into the CD folder on my NAS. I made sure every cover was called folder.jpg. All files have similar size (around 600x600). YET: only a few show up in Roon and the others simply do not. I tried rescanning, re-identifying, selecting ‘prefer file’, etc…
Is there a way to force roon to pick up the jpg from the directory which contains the cd’s music files?


Yes, please give us the opportunity to have different album covers for each CD in a box set.

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Ignore my earlier post. ‘Rescan album’ seems to do the trick for me…


I 100% agree.
I have multiple version of specific album. SACD Japan CD layer edition, gold edition, Mofi, etc…
I want to be able to use the exact album art copy, so I know which remaster I’m listening to
For me it is important. Of course sometimes it is difficult to find the album art cover and you have to scan it.
Also searching by my tags is very important to me, I don’t seem to be able to.
Otherwise I love Roon!


I would also like a priority flag that can be set to always use the local Album Art on disk. Higher Resolution does not always mean better quality.

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Isn’t that what prefer files does? Just select all your Albums, select edit and then metadata preference and under artwork select prefer file.

Will Roon not use album art in the parent directory? For example, a common folder structure is:

Album title/Disc 1
Album title/Disc 2

It makes sense to have 1 copy of the album artwork in the roon Album title folder, rather than copies in each of the 2 subfolders. Doesn’t Roon allow this? It isn’t pickup up the artwork for my album in the root folder.