Definition of Headless?

Er, not quite. It’s more accurate to say that with a single license, you can only have one instance of Roon Core active.

The Roon Core is a component of the full Roon package (Windows, MacOS), Roon Server (Windows, MacOS, Linux, QNAP, and Synology), and ROCK - see here for the list.

I have the full Roon package running simultaneously on lots of Windows laptops, tablets and PCs, but only one Roon Core active on my ROCK NUC.

Bringing this back up just to say I solved my problem by just getting a new 10th gen quad core i5 MacBook Pro. It’s powerful enough to run everything I need and I won’t worry about having a separate machine for work. Problem solved, LOL

However, it appears there is no such thing as “Roon Server for MacOS”.

Is that just a windows thing? I never use Roon in front of the computer so the server option would be cool, but whatever. Just wanted to be sure.

There is definitely a MacOS version of Roon Server; I am running it right now on my headless Mac Mini.

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Same here. Works great!

Thanks. With the new site design all I could find was the full roon application for MacOS. I’ll keep looking

This is the direct link to the MacOS Roon Server dmg file:

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Thanks. I just couldn’t find it. I appreciate it.

My confusion was what happens once installed. Not much! You’ll get an icon in the top-right of the screen. At that point, I handle everything from my phone.

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