Deleting BITS didn't fix Windows PC as a remote problem [Resolved]

I did the fix suggested below. Windows PC as a Remote still doesn’t work to access NUC ROCK core. Roon software won’t even start even after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls.

1169 is not an earlyaccess build AFAICT, should you not be posting this in #support?

(Or did you earlier get an update from 1164 earlyaccess to the broken 1167 production?)

I have no idea. Am migrating back to Production ASAP. Tired of this mess.

Today’s problem did not have anything to do with Early Access. It was a problem with the “Production” release.

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We are releasing a build right now

I just got a release but deleted it, thinking it was the “Production” release. It would be good if we could see what we are installing before we install it.

Build 1170 is out, that should include a fix we did for production branch

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Yes, but why are we getting it in earlyaccess?

Getting my NUC ROCK core off of Early Access and back on Production first, then deleting/reinstalling Roon on my PC (to use as a remote) solved the problem on the PC.

I am now on B1170 Early Access and all is good. Evidently, there is no update for Roon Remotes or Roon ARC.

I did not experience the problem, and only installed the recent Early Access update, nothing more.

Yep same here, makes sense. Still in earlyaccess but updated.

Good, enjoy. We can all choose. Although this issue today affected Production, the thing is that anyone on Earlyaccess should expect to occasionally deal with issues. That’s the whole reason why Earlyaccess exists.

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I Am prepared for the quirks, Roon team has been fast resolving the issues, it’s a part of the process. It’s better than some of us deal with the issues before the production goes out.

Thanks @vova
Busy day, I guess!

I don’t yet see the usual download links for build 1170 posted yet under ‘Early Access info’ on the forum - are you putting these up somewhere?

I prefer to use these as it has become a bit of a guess which build is actually going to be installed in-app when already on early-access.

Not sure if it would fit your deployment systems and practices, but it would also seem useful to me if a naming convention was used for the downloadable installer files that includes the build number.

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Just happened, no worries :wink: