Different Subnets for Roon Control and Playback on a QNAP

Currently my setup is like this
QNAP TS-879U-RP as Roon core with 4 network interfaces.
1 interface is being used for user data and also Roon Control and audio streaming to 2 RPI’s (1 Wifi, one cabled)
Works fine, but that interface is sometimes heavy loaded and giving some issues with audio playback.

My idea is to create a dedicated network for audiostreaming on 1 of the 3 “spare” Ethernet interfaces of the QNAP.
Control will remain on the first Ethernet interface as all my devices are using that network for data access and ofcourse Roon Control :slight_smile:
In the Settings => Setup interface of Roon I noticed that I could select the desired interface for Linn streaming which gave me the idea that it might work.

@support, can this concept work, control Rooncore from one interface while playback over another?



All roon endpoints and core etc need to be on the same subnet

Hello @John_Hoogeveen,

Thanks for contacting us, I’d be happy to help regarding your question.

Unfortunately, at this time right now Roon only supports a single subnet. If you’d like to discuss tweaking your network further, I can move this thread to the Tinkering section to see if others have ideas.

If you’d like Support to help with the performance of your network, I can absolutely do that here. My first thought would to confirm whether you’re using a network switch with the ability to enable “Flow Control”? We have had reports of users noticing improved stability when enabling Flow Control on their network switch. Please let me know if that helps, or if there’s anything else I can do.


Hello Noris,

Thank you for your answer, I was hoping that it might be possible to use one dedicated network just for core / endpointts while remaining control over the core using the mainstream subnet where my Roon control devices are.

I wonder why the is an option to select a network adapter with different subnet for Linn devices on my QNAP, isn’t that the same setup as what I am searching for?


Hi Wizard of Oz

I’m aware that the core need to be in the same subnet as the endpoints.
Same for the core and the control device
I my suggested setup i comply to both rules :wink:
I do not see why control and endpoint should be in the same network as long hat both see the core.
For example
My QNAP has for LAN setup and could have for audiostreaming on the second interface.
My iphone (Roon control) uses the subnet and can “see” the core.
My RPI’s could be on and can also be found from the core.
It is “only” that the core must be able to use the 2 subnets :slight_smile:

Hello @John_Hoogeveen,

I have moved this thread over to "Tinkering’ since as I have previously mentioned, Roon is designed to only support a single subnet for both control and audio streaming. There may be some users who have gotten their setup working on two subnets but we do not officially support multiple subnets and I am not familiar how stable it would be or what exact steps you would have to take to get it working. Some other threads that might pique your interest in subnet configurations are the following, but feel free to also search around the forum for more users who attempt to do the same:

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just let me know.


Roon ROCK allows for two subnets e.g. when using a USB WiFi dongle.
My WiFi is on a different subnet from my LAN.
My WLAN and LAN are bridged, but I ran into problems with e.g. Android smartphones and tablets before using Roon ROCK. Now everything works fine.
I suppose this would also work with a USB Ethernet adapter.

Just for those that are interested, I can verify that this also applies to a “regular” roon core
Today I made a small change to my setup :slight_smile:
My QNAP has multiple LAN interfaces.
LAN1 is my local network my computers are connected on this interface and is also used to control Roon, this interface also has internet access
LAN2 is a dedicated network for audio devices, after connecting my RPi’s to that network and restarting the core my devices are detected and using the same config as before, just on a different network.
LAN3 and LAN4 are used for server traffic
I am not sure if the core restart was really necessary, but now I am sure that the core is aware of that new subnet.
I know, my setup is not supported by Roon, but it works without issues for me.

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