Digitise vinyl playback on the fly

I’m just curious as to why you would want to do this. Isn’t the point of vinyl that it has a pristine, unconverted playback chain from disk to speakers?

So that I can run DSP on it

And why not save the digitized file and put it in Roon, so you can play it without putting wear on the vinyl?

I just want to play my records and apply room correction. Don’t really want to store the digitised file.

In any event this is a bit off topic. The question is really a general one about applying DSP to a digital source. Forget about it being vinyl, it could be CDs

I could certainly do this on my Windows system with Vinyl Studio or Audacity and JRiver, all of which are available for Mac. JRiver can apply DSP to CD and vinyl input. If Roon ever allows input from CD or other devices it could do it too.

I’d like to do the same. I have a few albums ripped to hirez files via VinylStudio. The result is very good, but even with an easy to use program like VinylStudio it is too time consuming. And what if I upgrade my vinyl rig? Should I re-rip the albums?
Presently the only option for live streaming in Roon is to set up a “Radio station” on your local network and connect Roon to this stream via “Internet Radio”. One problem here is that Roon at present only supports lossy codecs, another is that it is not straight forward to set up streaming from an analogue source. You’d need an AD converter + a Pi/microRendu/SOSE (or similar on Windows or Mac) with the right server software running to make the digital stream available on the network.

I may be misunderstanding, but isn’t the desired application same as this thread?

I mean, if Roon showed up as having its own sound drivers, like JRiver does, wouldn’t that do what you need?

I agree. But I wish someone would edit the “ugh” out of the thread title. Because its not so much ugh as gimme gimme gimme…pleeeeeeease! :wink:

Also, @ogs, if there are basic instructions on settings a home network internet radio, can you add them or link to them? :-0

There are posts on the forum that talks about this I think. I’ll search a bit and see what I find

EDIT: found two relevant threads. There may be more…

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Setting up a radio stream is a really cool idea.
Am I reading it correctly though that at this stage it will be lossy?

Yes you’re right. I’ve just corrected my post above. I wrote lossless where lossy is what I meant. Sorry about that!

Correct @James_I this is the same thing. I like what @danny says in the second post of that thread. Input to a small computer somewhere on the local network which delivers the stream to Roon Core. They might even use RAAT for the stream by tweaking Roon bridge a little!

I would love this too. I use Roon’s DSP for room correction - and LOVE it. Trouble is when I switch to vinyl I lose the DSP.

I know that vinyl purists would cry “you’re digitising vinyl!” but I’m assuming good results are possible with a decent analogue to digital converter?

Ditto, I want it for the same reason.

As for digitizing vinyl:

  1. A good chunk of LP mastering is done digitally, anyway

  2. I use a Devialet with a software-based RIAA EQ

I wonder if there have been any developments on this ?

It would still be awesome to input digital into Roon from an external source


Following up again. Anyone from Roon able to let us know if this is on the radar ?

@Trevor_Nathan Not much news here I’m afaid. Maybe this can help?