Direct download for "unsupported" devices?


Any chance you might provide a direct download link for those of us with “unsupported” devices to sideload the APK?




Never mind… I found the URL in the Fire HDX thread.
I should have guessed you’re way ahead of me…



Wow! You even replied before I got a chance to reply to myself!
Too good!

Thanks Danny!



I’m sure I’m being really stupid.

I can play the Roon app fine through the Play Store, but I can’t see how to put a Roon icon on the desktop so I can enter Roon with one touch.

I’ve downloaded the .apk but it won’t let me install it. I’ve gone into settings and allowed any app to be installed.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Android 4.2.2 kernel version 3.0.31-1759357.

Any ideas welcome.

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I’ve side loaded Roon onto my Note 3 and have played it with better than expected results out of the headphone. Sending out from the phone to a BT speaker though caused some playback issues. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time investigating as I"m probably going to be getting one of the new Tab S2 tablets when they are released in the next month or so.

Couple things… I’ve ran into the exact issues… You need to be running kitkat 4.4 at least. Depending on what year your tab is it could be rooted and a custom rom for kitkat or lollipop can be installed.

I believe all chipsets for the Note 10’s are either Exynos or Qualcomm (ARM) processors, that are also required for Roon to work.

Here you go:

Use at your own risk :slight_smile:

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Download link does not work, gives an error message:
403 Forbidden
nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)

Any suggestions for a solution?

sorry, fixed.

@danny is that link updated with the latest Android build?

Yup, it should be

Hi danny

Just tried this successfully on my Galaxy Note3 phone :smile:
Thank you very much!
Any chance, that my Intel Galaxy Tab3 10.1 will be supported in the near future or are Intel tabs no-go’s indefinitely?

Thanks in advance for a quick statement/guesstimation

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Hi Danny,
Sorry I am probably stupid but the file I downloaded in the link provided is not an apk, is a .zip with many files and folders if I extract it. What I am doing wrong?

Yes, I am stupid: just renamed .zip file to .apk and works perfectly on Galaxy S6 Plus edge. Fantastic!

Somebody else installed it too on a SailfishOS device (like Jolla Phone and Jolla Tablet).
I installed it on both, which went well, but there is no icon appearing, so I am not able to start the app.
It is probably a simple fix to make it work on these devices too. Hope you can find the issue.

I loaded the Roon apk on an old laptop that I am running Remix OS. It runs but the interface is the android phone interface. Is there a different apk for the tablet version, or is there a way to chooseit?

It is the same apk. (and guys forgive me if I"m wrong) The android app senses your display resolution and determines which interface to give you. I have an actual Remix and it does the tablet display when I loaded the android apk.

Thanks for the reply Daniel. I have a Remix mini as well. Can you recommend a touchscreen to use with the Remix mini?

Hi, i would like to force my S6 edge+ to use the tablet version. Is there any way? Is the apk different for phone or tablet? Rugby says that it senses the display res and gives corresponding interface, but this would not make sense as the res on the phone can be same as tablet.

Any pointers would be appreciated.