Directly accessible (simpler) Volume control on Roon App

Hi I wonder why no one has asked for this before (at least I haven’t found it anywhere in the feature request list).

I’m controlling my system volume from my Iphone/Ipad. Currently the volume icon needs to be pressed and only then the volume can be controlled.

Why not have the volume +/- buttons or maybe even a volume slider on the lower part of the screen? This would be mush simpler and would make the Roon app more intuitive. Also, there would be even enough space for it.

Sure, people asked for it, but they ignore all productivity improvements and focus on features that no one asked for…

I would love that! Additionally, I’d like for volume control to be controlled using mouse wheel when the mouse pointer is above the control.


This has been asked before (many years ago) but no progress so far. I’m at my votes limit though so…good luck.

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Have you tried using the physical volume +/- buttons on your iPad? Also look into rooDial.

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Of course. But I find the physical buttons impractical (they are actually hard to press with the protective case of my Ipad)

But as of the more recent version, you can now control roon volume from the lock screen of an IOS device, no need to go into roon at all. Also if you’re in the roon app, the physical volume buttons on your device should work for the current zone you’re in.

I felt the same need and found a solution in RooDial: rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial
Maybe this works for you as well?
I am rather enthusiastic about this system.


I get it - it’s possible to use the physical buttons on the Ipad/Iphone.
Also on the Mac (assume also in Windows) it’s the same quirky way of changing volume: (1) Click the volume button, (2) then click either on +/- or change volume using a slider. Why not have the +/- buttons and the slider on the main screen right away (where there is even plenty of space). Just because everyone has got used to it working this way or is even using an extra hardware to overcome the complicated usage it doesn’t mean it’s currently right. Aren’t you guys open at all for an obvious improvement of the user interface?

In my opinion, a combination of both would be interesting. I think they have the volume slider (and comfort levels) implemented the way they are so there is no accidental volume adjustment beyond comfortable limits.

I do think using the volume slider should have some type of “do you really want to do this?” step involved – such as having to click the volume button. However +/- buttons for incremental volume adjustment shouldn’t be hidden away.

Quick, non critical volume adjustment: directly accessible +/- volume buttons
Slower, critical volume adjustment: indirectly accessible volume slider (extra click for security)

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