DirectStream DAC - help with a test with iPhone or iPad Roon endpoint

yes it works (have tested some time ago already…)
however there are several different versions (mono/stereo ; aiff/flac ; different sample-rates) of the bitperfect test files and NOT ALL shows bitperfect (i think there were mono/stereo versions which one said bitperfect, the other not)


What I linked to above is Ted’s latest, 24/192 and in stereo and in FLAC.

I remember the issues with the past mono’s and other file formats but they’ve been removed now and the link above is the ‘final’.

Just to be sure I understand, you mean you’ve tested the test file with an iOS endpoint right? Or tested the file with a different endpoint?

Is it just an academic exercise to prove it plays bit perfect? I don’t want bit perfect as I use convolution, vol leveling, etc. I’m not criticizing, simply just curious the reason for playing the bit perfect test file and to what end.

@sean the bitperfect test file is only for PSA DS DAC. When the FPGA inside DS DAC detects specific waveform (the bitperfect test file) it will indicate on display that your playback chain is really bitperfect (e.g. DAC sees exactly what is inside the audio test file).

You may use any controller/application to play the file via the PSA Audio DS DAC (e.g. roon on iOS/Windows/OSX) or UPNP, or play it via USB or Coax/Toslink/I2S to the DS DAC.

As Larry mentioned, doing sound leveling / other DSP effects in Roon it actually change the original audio information and you will not get the bitperfect confirmation on display.

I use this test only when i have new digital component in my chain to be sure it’s not altering original audio data. Obviously I am not using any DSP/volume controls in digital path.

Maybe I just misunderstood your original post and i am just describing what you already know, then i am sorry for that :slight_smile:

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It’s a tool for confirming that everything is doing its job. Once you’re confident in the basic connection being bit-perfect, there’s nothing wrong with layering other DSP on top.

I wish more manufacturers had a facility like this. We occasionally run into hardware bugs where–say–a volume control in the USB interface on the DAC is modifying bits unexpectedly, and without a crisp tool like this, it can be tricky to prove it.

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Yup agreed, which is why I’ve asked this to DirectStream owners in my opening post, in the PSA section .I know how it works (at a high level). Actually I’m the one that asked Ted for the stereo version :slight_smile:

Hi Larry, yes I’m just asking if someone can test an iOS endpoint specifically, temporarily, not asking all DirectStream owners to turn off DSP permanently. But to test it, Roon DSP needs to be turned off, as per my opening post (for a couple minutes maximum). When the test with an iOS USB endpoint is done, hopefully you can see the green check mark in the top left like my photo, then you can flick Roon DSP back on like before.

Is someone able to test an iOS endpoint specifically for me. I’ve tested all sorts of Roon endpoints with my DS before but can’t test my iPhone endpoint at the moment :weary:

I guess my title and opening post weren’t clear enough, this my fault of course.

I’m definitely NOT asking if Roon itself is capable of bitperfect playback in general - we all know Roon is.

I’m definitely NOT asking if the DirectStream’s USB input is capable of bit perfect plackback in general - we know it is.

I AM asking (very specifically) if an iOS device as a Roon endpoint (via the DS USB input) is capable of bit perfect playback - using this DS bit perfect test file.

Hope this is a little clearer. This test shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to setup and complete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Understood. I’m using strictly Ethernet but I’ll switch to USB and test it all the way to iPad.

Ok, here’s Ethernet, I know you didn’t ask for it but it’s connected so I thought I’d do it first. Look for USB in a few minutes.

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This is probably quickest and easiest if someone is already using or has tried Roon as an endpoint because you need either of the below 2 adapters to do this test:


Cheers Larry. The photo in my opening post is also testing my Bridge 2 connection - do you see the green check mark on your DS screen? Top left.

You should see a green check/tick next to ‘Bit Perfect’ text on your DS screen.

I’ve got a Jr. and I do see the B. Ah, sorry I don’t have the Apple adaptor to test the iPad as endpoint, I apologize for not fully understanding.

Someone will chime in soon

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Not a problem Larry.

As I mentioned above, it’s a 2 minute job if someone has played with Roon as an iOS endpoint around (and therefore already have the adapter around).

Hopefully someone else can do me a quickie

I’ll tag Steve @scolley to see if he’s played with a Roon iOS endpoint before, with his DS?

@Seab2016 - Sean, first I’m afraid I don’t have a DS. This poor pauper could only afford a DSJ.

All the same, are you asking if Roon plays the appropriate PSA test file, and plays it to a IOS endpoint (in my case an iPad), and that said IOS device has one of those ridiculously priced, little “lightening camera adapters” plugged into it, so that the USB end could be plugged into the DS’s (in my case a DSJ) USB input port (requiring a USB A/B adapter) as the IOS device’s DAC, and see if the PSA DAC still shows it as bit perfect?

If so, I may be SOL. I lent said cable to someone, and have yet to be able to get it back. :frowning:

Steve, I addressed DirectStream DAC owners - this includes BOTH Senior and Junior, so not to worry :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve done a terrible job making it clear what I am and am NOT asking - my fault.

To put it another way, I want to verify if the iOS device itself is capable of bit perfect playback with Roon. I’m not looking to verify if Roon itself or the DS itself are individually capable of bit perfect playback - we all know they are.

I usually love to verify with my own eyes myself but I’ve just moved interstate (temporarily) and only have my Hugo2 with me so I can’t run this bit perfect test with my DS.

Damn that person ! :joy:

I have tried my iPad4 Mini with both of the “camera” adapters, and cannot get the Roon Endpoint to play to USB on my DSD.
No sound comes out the DSD, although the DSD does show a green light for USB connection, the sound only plays thru from the ipad speakers.
The ipad does not show the dac, although it does recognize the adapter, and updated it.

I no longer have the DS DAC but it should work.

When you go to Roon > Audio settings, what do you see? Can you share screenshots.

When you have the Apple camera adapter hooked up of course.

I see the iPad, but I’m not using HQP. I’ll post pix.

Cool, no worries.

Not asking for you to show me HQPlayer but just a pic of your own settings page, so we can see what you see. Might help get to the bottom of why it’s not working for you.

I’ve posted pix of this in the other thread

According to some on the PSAudio forum, this is supposed to play to the Directstream DAC, but it sure doesn’t for me.

But there isn’t a pic of your audio settings page like I showed above.

Roon recognizes the ipad, which is why the iPad device settings page exists