Disaster for Linn users (corrected: Roon has now clarified!)

Roon’s policy announced today – no non-certified devices can be connected after 21 Sept 2020 – is a simply terrible idea. Linn users are particularly badly affected, because any new Linn kit we add (or potentially kit which we reconfigure/move and needs to be added again?) will be barred from using Roon.

Roon + Linn is, or rather was, a world-class solution for controlling and hearing music. What now?

Roon’s policy is anti-competitive, hostile to its customers, and short-sighted. See other forums for non-Linn-specific posts: anger is growing.

UPDATE: Roon has now issued a correction in the forum. Their email said “If you purchase a device that is not certified as Roon Ready, you will not be able to Enable it for use after September 21st” but that is not what they meant to say. We have now been told that this applies only to devices that CLAIM to be Roon Ready but aren’t certified. Devices that do NOT claim to be Roon Ready are still ok. At least that seems to be what is happening.

No it’s not, Roon have to protect their reputation. Linn could just get their products certified and contribute to mutual success on the way.

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“Linn could just get their products certified”
That is rather a glib statement – I’m sure there is more underneath Linn’s rationale for not getting Roon certification. And no one is going to go back and certify old products, which locks out the lively second-hand market for Linn products.

Actually in the last couple of moments Roon seem to have updated their announcement to say that devices which do not claim to be Roon-Ready are not going to be blocked. General confusion reigns. They emailed one thing, posted something different. Let’s see how this settles.

Whoa, easy, big fella.

Don’t you think this is the case?

Does Linn advertise as being ‘Roon Ready’?

That’s not glib at all, if companies want to use Roon to promote sales then they should ensure Roon are happy with the performance of said products. That sounds fair to me.

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I don’t (nor have I ever) have Linn gear. But doesn’t Roon connect to Linn via their “Linn Streaming” protocol instead of RAAT? If that’s the case, Linn falls into the category of Sonos, Airplay, etc., and should not be affected by this change.

Hi Chaps,

Roon first post was not so clear, I’m pleased that have amended it … Brian has also added further clarity see linked post …

As @cwichura correctly surmised Linn devices are not “Roon Ready” or claimed to be “Roon Ready”, they do not use Roon’s SDK, thus are not affected by this announcement.

To avoid cross posting, I’ve closed this topic … however please feel free to contribute to the discussion in the linked topic.