Display Information for Tracks/Albums Lacking

Hello. Just installed the Roon ROCK Core on an Intel NUC7i5BNH. The installation went well. I was able to enable Chromecast Audio and Nvidia Shield TV Pro in the settings. The Roon app on my Android is able to see the ROCK Core. I haven’t had a chance to play with it much.

I have a question about the information that is shown on my TV via the Shield. Is there a reason why it only shows the artist and track info, along with the progress bar? There is no additional information (liner notes) on the artist. Is it due to the device (Shield/Chromecast) not being Roon Ready? Should I expect the same thing if I were to use the Chromecast Ultra to display to the TV? Thanks

It’s a Roon design team decision to just show that and not give configuration choices.
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You might want to check the feature suggestion section for a thread concerning this “issue”, or open a new thread about it, so users can vote on it to maybe make it a reality in the distant future - just before the sun expands to a red giant and melts the earth…

Roon ready means a device uses the roon RAAT protocol over the network it’s nothing to do with displays.

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Roon-ready is more than just RAAT support and just because a device supports RAAT doesn’t mean it is Roon-ready. RoPieee on RPi supports RAAT but it is NOT a Roon-ready device. But you are right that RAAT has nothing to do with Roon displays.

@Eleazer_Espinosa Did you see this thread:

Means it’s certified using RAAT then :relaxed:

Still no mention of anything other than streaming as being part of core certification.
Yes it includes source switching if needed and there are different flavours of facilities included.

That’s a big part of it but it is more than just that:

If you are an app developer that answer probably means more to you than us non-developers.

Yes I get all of that but the OP expected
"There is no additional information (liner notes) on the artist. Is it due to the device (Shield/Chromecast) not being Roon Ready? "
and the answer is no. It’s not part of the roon ready cert which is about audio.
Manufacturers can and do add in other components and that is tested by roon but it’s not core.


I think the OP is expecting the normal Album page showing when playing . ie the details of album, credits et

That’s all seen via the UI not the Playing Now screen

The info is all there is just where its displayed

Update. It seems to depend on what the track is. For some tracks, only the progress bar and track info is show, The background is a blurry photo of the artist. On other tracks, I have gotten a better background photo, in addition to lyrics.