DLNA/UPnP support would be really nice [Not on the roadmap]

Fair point. Given how much Naim charge for their units it is a shame they are not upgradeable via a factory refit.

I share the sentiment but …

I have a Cambridge Audio CXN so I get Airplay, with my hearing ! I’m 67, it’s unlikely I’ll spot the difference.

Yes strictly I should add hardware. I’ll stick in a laptop to test . I have always been a wary of Pi esp if it needs my soldering skills.

My choice was really UI over DLNA.


No soldering skills needed for Pi, more like “Lego” skills.


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Maybe I should have put more effort into my Meccano Crane

I’ll have a look


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Have just put together my first Pi with Allo Digi One. Took about 20 mins including the case; just a screwdriver required. Will sort the software tomorrow.

I ditched Roon about a month ago. Main reason is the non support of upnp/dlna. I love it in all other regards.

I’m fed up waiting for either Cambridge Audio or Roon to make a move. Reading about the lms integration and the upnp bridge made me investigate one more time. Could it work? Still have a few weeks until subscription runs out.

Well yes. It does work. But my Cambridge Audio 851N has a very nice display for artwork and metadata and I quickly learned that Roon does not send the metadata through lms. Bummer…

So if I really want to keep using Roon with the nice display of my Cambridge, I’m stuck with airplay. No dsd and 24 bit audio there.

So my plead: Please, please, please rethink the dlna/upnp support. Make it optional for players that support it. I’ll keep an eye on Roon, but for now it’s a very expensive system that just plays CD quality through airplay for me. So I’ll not be renewing.

I’m not alone in this and you would make a lot of people very happy! And the potential market is huge!




To be honest, I thought one of the main features of Roon was that it specifically eschews DLNA/UPnP in favour of the RAAT protocol, which Roonlabs considers to be superior. Obviously that means for full compatibility, manufacturers must make Roon Ready hardware. It’s probably the case that Cambridge Audio would have to make the move to Roon Ready here think, based on responses i’ve seen previously.

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Yes, DLNA/UPnP support was asked for a couple of years ago, and the reason for not supporting it were linked to in that thread…

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I know all this, but paying 100 plus euro’s per year to have airplay through Roon to a high quality dac is just a waste of money. I know Roon adds a lot more than this with it’s fantastic interface and metadata. Just my two cents…

Adding upnp doesn’t seem like too much to ask. It’s a marketwide standard. From a support point of view it could even be an unsupported feature. Just implement it according to a standard. Those are there. Openhome would be preferable I guess. Most high end players support this and with bubbleupnp server most players can be supported through openhome.

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Oh yeah, I’m really not prepared to have to add a third party device as a Roon endpoint. To me it just adds to an already costly hobby…

Products like the ultrarendu are great. But having to add this to get a roon endpoint…well you get my drift…

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You could try a Raspberry Pi Zero with a JustBoom Digi Zero and connect it with TOSlink. You can install Roon Bridge on Linux and it’s really easy with DietPi.


Thanks for the suggestion. But I really just want to use my existing equipment without all kinds of bells and whistles.

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Actually, we do. It works great on the squeezeboxes. It’s the UPnP bridge that isn’t passing it along.

Maybe Cambridge will adopt RAAT in the future. In the meantime, looks like DLNA/UPNP are your sources. There are inexpensive endpoints like RPI3 out there, but if you don’t want to buy additional equipment, looks like your stuck.

Thanks for the info Brian, I’ll get in touch with Phillipe (the author of the upnp bridge) to see if he can look into it.

I’ve already gotten in touch with Cambridge, I hope they do adopt RAAT and I hope it can be pushed through a firmware update. If they’re willing is a whole other issue, we’ll see.

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A very versatile endpoint is the Oppo UDP203 if you might need a universal Bluray, DVD, CD, network player. You can track Roon on the TV screen via the Oppo.

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Philippe is willing to look into it for me and I guess for himself too :slight_smile:

He just doesn’t have any clue as to how Roon actually does this. His responses:

“How do they do that? the slimproto does not really include metadata, these are additions that are player dependent (none for a duet, for example). In the case of the bridge it shows itself a as squeeezelite and there is nothing to be sent. The way I get metadata is by the bridge querying LMS through it’s CLI interface, but Roon does not mimic that interface, hence my response”


“I don’t have any more a roon account. Maybe you can tell him to shoot me an email and we can discuss then. Or you can simply ask them if they have now enable a mimic of the cli service - they might have”

Would you be willing to get in touch with him? Or give me some directions to pass along?

If he could get this working somehow I’d be one very happy customer again…

They are free to contact me with questions, and I will help informally as I have before, but we do not drive this sort of communication from our end, as this is not part of our product.

For now-playing data, we mimic the interfaces that the SB Touch and SB Radio use, based on observing their behavior. I’m not sure exactly which subset of the LMS APIs that is, but it’s pretty straightforward to sniff the traffic going back and forth between one of those + Roon and find out. All of the source code for these protocols (both sides) is open, so there are generally few mysteries with Squeezeboxes.

Thanks for the info Brian, I’ll pass this on to Philippe, maybe he’ll be in touch, maybe he knows enough by your answer.

Pleasure doing business :slight_smile: