Do You Have A Roon Fallback Plan - Options / Alternatives

Before digital I would purchase LPs and immediately transfer them to my Nakamichi and put the LP away. Now i have a lot of very pristine vinyl I enjoy on my Feickert. I now still often purchase CDs and transfer them to FLAC and store the CD away. I have offsite storage of all of those files. Same idea, different century. Some things never change… much.
But I am moving toward purchasing the High Res FLAC files instead of CDs. Or in some cases both. Throwing in a CD is almost as fun as throwing on a Record. Think CD will become the new Vinyl and make a similar comeback?

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The music industry is less interested in CDs and is now making a killing from streaming without giving the artists a fair share. In music marketing, the analog niche is cultivated, because the misconception exists that LPs are not so easy to copy. The customers can and want digital and sometimes a small minority of them want something physical.

A few artists (here in Germany e.g. Balbina) can still live from the CD, LP plus download. With very loyal fan base and a lot of concert business, it still works.

But the Spotify millionaires or those who get a decent income there are in much larger numbers. Double-digit billions will soon be distributed there, and providers like Bandcamp can only keep up with them in the per mille range. Of course, there are also artists there who say that instead of a few cents, it’s now a few small bills as pocket money. Several million artists go almost empty-handed.

I don’t believe this is the reason, because then they would not add a download code to virtually every vinyl release.

I believe you are much closer here:

A vinyl album is a bit like digital NFTs, some people want something tangible in a nice special package to look at and hold. With the added benefit that you can play it as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with you, though, that CDs won’t make a similar comeback


Vinyl records, fast growing collection. Also got a lot of CD´s. Vinyl is nearing 50% og playing time.


If Roon disappeared tomorrow, I suppose I would setup all of my Apple TV’s and such as endpoints and stream local library through iTunes while researching replacement solutions. I still have a room full of physical media, so the house won’t be quiet if the networking solution doesn’t work out.

Roon has spoiled me. If I was forced to look elsewhere, I would do deep research and spend big bucks to make an experience worthwhile. ITunes and AirPlay endpoints ain’t it, but I am really glad it is there to get me by.

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What’s more Luddite, Old stretched out Cassette tapes or the ridiculous religion of Vinyl?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin::nerd_face:


8-track tops them all :upside_down_face:


The Luddites set out to destroy machinery not preserve it. Ned Ludd never owned a turntable or worshipped acetate.


Maybe Ned is related to The Hammer? :wink:

I am already streaming a lot of my music from a Apple M1 MAc Mini SSd drive with a USB isolator attached going to my dac and audio system. I am using Apple Music to stream , TIdal sometimes too.

I still use Roon but a lot less than i used to.

I agree. Not sure why CDs would make a comeback. Vinyl I understand. It’s different (analog delivery medium, large album cover, etc.). But a CD is simply a container for digital files. It’s the digital files that matter, and hard to see why anyone would covet the “CD contained digital file” over any other mechanism that could deliver the exact same digital file. (And I say this as a person with ~8,000 CDs.)

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Perhaps someone who wants physical media and hates fooling with computers. They just want to slide a CD into a box and listen. Sounds like an attractive option to me, if only I had some CD’s.

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LOL. Yeah I haven’t bought a CD in 10 years.

You have a good point Jim. But when I think about the future, I think about the young folks I know who mostly stream on their phones. When we talk music listening, I say, “I use a computer as well to listen to music, even though I came of age in the vinyl era.” And they say, “I don’t use a computer to listen to music. I use my phone.” I don’t bother to explain at that point. :wink:

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CD sales increased last year, as did Vinyl and cassette tapes :grin:
So physical Media is on the rise.

Vinyl, NAD, BluOS.

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it’s the cassette return that boggles my mind.


I know this may sound odd but…
To the avid collector there are some albums that were ONLY released in CD and if you got to have it then you got to have it!

In some of my collections of complete works by certain artists there are a few that were CD release only.
So maybe niche but I will always have a few CD for no other reason than this.

But yes, every CD has been ripped and added to Roon although I do still like to keep the Oppo chugging away…like right now tbh.

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I only included it for the giggles.
But I have had several bands I follow on Bandcamp and bought from sending me emails in the last week with the launch of their cassettes… t’s fair for the ones I still have from the mid 80s that I cannot play. But buying new ones I cannot play :rofl:

But I still buy loads of CDs and rip them on day one and put them in Roon. I think I will buy a decent CD player again at some point and probably a vin… Deck as well :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:


Cassette never really ever went away…
Says the guy who has over 1000 of the pesky things🤣