Does Anyone Have a CIFS-automount Solution for Mac Sierra?

I’d like my Rock to automount on startup. CIFS seems to be the current approach. I have tried without success to add Storage to my Login items, but when I Restart, Storage mounts without the necessary permissions. Has anyone figured how to automate this process?

And by the way, when I then unmount the SMB-mounted Storage, and Connect to Server using cifs:\rock, it mounts with the appropriate permissions, but still shows “SMB” in Get Info window.

As a request, I would like Roon to revert back to using SMB. While not a huge inconvenience, manually mounting CIFS drives feels like a step backwards.

John - you said Rock and also Mac Sierra, so I’m confused as to what you meant. If it’s just Roon running under Mac Sierra then does the following help?

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See … SMBv1 is CIFS; BTW I don’t think that using CIFS/SMB v1 is the right way forward … :sunglasses:

Slim, I had seen the automator technique; it’s next on my list of things to try. Mac OS has a way to automate via the Finder, but it doesn’t seem to extend to the CIFS mount.

u_gee, this change was prompted by a recent Roon build where some of us found our SMB-mounted drives (SMBv2 I think) no longer had the necessary rights to access the Storage mount from our Macs. The CIFS mount was a workaround (I think) until the problem is fixed.

This is not my “wheelhouse” so all corrections appreciated.

… I see. Hopefully Rock will get better soon …

In theory it may still be possible to enforce SMB v1 (CIFS) using nsmb.conf on a per server level. It would be some protocol_vers_map entry for the Rock. But the man page refers to only three variants which will not help. If (and I did not test this) the undocumented version bitmap of 1 indeed enforces SMB v1 the standard way of auto mounting (as a Login Item) might work. This is just a pointer - it needs someone skilled to test & confirm and come up with the right commands to edit nsmb.conf :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

uh, that would not be me. :slight_smile:

Bug Fixes and Improvements in ROCK Build 156:
Fix for the need for cifs:// on MacOS. Now you can use smb:// freely.