Does it make any difference if I use the CORE or a ROON endpoint for audio transport?

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I’m new to Roon and have very mixed feelings so far (for several reasons). I’m also running Audirvana at the moment, but if you try Roon first, Audirvana seems rather limited in comparison. Anyway. My story/question is:

I have installed Roon on a Mac Mini. The Mini is connected to a DAC via USB, which is connected to my amp. I also have a streamer which has Roon support.

(A sidenote: My streamer has WIFI only, and the Mini is connected to LAN/internet via ethernet. I’m on a 1Gb/s fiber connection, and in general, I rarely get below 200Mb/s in speed over WIFI. Offen around 400-500 Mb/s in fact. My tv, which is connected over the same WIFI, shows speeds of 400-500Gb/s, so my WIFI works quite well.)

Apart from the difference in sound offered by the DAC and the streamer (I can’t tell a difference to be honest), will I have any advantage using one over the other? My common sense tells me, that USB directly from the Mini will be the best solution, as there are no streaming music from the Roon Core to an endpoint, and therefore there is one less link in the chain. Am I totally off here?

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[Core -> Bridge/streamer -> DAC or Core -> DAC?]

I think this was a similiar question.
Issue: to fan or not to fan.


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I’ll not bother with the streamer, and use it for Airplay instead.



If you can’t hear a difference then use whatever is more convenient.

At some point you may want to look into a higher-end, more exotic, dedicated streamer… or not :slight_smile:

Or not :grin: I dont think my rather modest system, compared to many other systems, will benefit from any streamer hardware upgrade, I’m willing to pay for. I’d rather put my money in music services than in a new voodoo magic box :sunglasses::upside_down_face:


WiFi should be avoided at all costs IMHO …it’s a terrible solution for audio streaming with roon’s RAAT demands needing a reliable connection.

Some will say that a dedicated streamer over networking is best as the usb from a computer can be electrically noisier but if you don’t hear a difference then ignorance is bliss as the saying goes.

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Thanks everyone for your input. No need for any further comments. I’ll keep using my setup as is.




In general, you want Roon core connected to your network by ethernet. Then, you want your Roon end-point connected to your network by ethernet. Use Roon RAAT to send music from your core to your end-point via your wired network. Don’t use WIFI for anything except Roon control devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) If you must, connect your Roon end-point by WIFI, but not your Roon core.