Does Roon keep a NAS from going into energy saving?

I set my Synoloyy NAS to spin down then sleep if not being accessed for a certain amount of time. I prefer it for green reasons.

But it never spins down. I’m sure it used to.

I’ve got a rarely used watched folder, could Roon be keeping the disks awake even if no requests to play anything? I could do a few simple tests but I’m really lazy so if anyone already knows either way it would help diagnose.


Roon doesn’t keep a Synology NAS awake, at least not in my system.

I have setup my DS215j to spin down the disks after 20 minutes of inactivity, I don’t use the auto off/WOL option. I have disabled as many services and packages as possible, it is only used as a file share towards my Roon Core.

This still doesn’t mean that my NAS is only awake when I am accessing it. At least a couple of times a day the NAS is wake for, for me, not obvious reasons. This can be caused by the availability of a software update, a service that needs the HDD or whatever. There are quite some services that can keep the NAS awake or cause a spin up of the disks.

This Synology article gives an overview of services and packages that prevent a sleep:

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Thanks Jan. Must be something else I’ve done. I’ve got a hunch…


I also have the Synology DS215j and the same problem. The NAS never idle since I started using Roon. Never had that problem with JRiver.

Jan and Steve could you please share your experiences with this?

How did you specify your watched folder, as an SMB share or a local mount point?
I’m using a local mount point (don’t know if it makes a difference).

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your quick answer.

I’m not really sure but a wrote \SynologyDS215j\music and username and password and my music files showed up in Roon. I also don’t really get this watched folder stuff. I read about it in the Roon knowledge base but I’m still not really sure how to do it :slight_smile: Could you maybe give som pointers how you did?

Right now I have Roon on a laptop as core and output, control is on my Ipad-.

OK, then you’re using an SMB share. Maybe @support can tell if power save modes should work independent of the access mode or the operating system the core is running on.

About your watched folder, if music shows up it should be fine.

This has been bugging me for months. My Synology 216j is spinning 24 hours, I’ve now set wake up and sleep schedules and a 20 minute window for hibernation to occur, but the only time this seems to be happening is when I tell the PC to go to sleep after 2 hours. I have been wondering if Roon is continually accessing the drive to log any changes that have occured.

Reading Jan’s post, I checked how I had set up the music folder and I had simply pointed it to the network drive on the PC (E:).
I’ve now changed it to the network location (\DISKSTATION\Music) to see if this makes any difference.

I’ll let it run for a day and see what happens…

I think that as soon as Roon accesses a next audio file on the NAS it will wake up. When not playing music your NAS must be able to go to sleep. If it cannot go to sleep, maybe Roon Server checks for new files too often (I do not know how often and I cannot find if this is configurable).

Hi everybody,

First I like to thank Jan for your help in solving this. Because
I solved it. I’m not really sure what did solve it but now my Nas idles.

But I can describe what I did. I deleted an unused minimserver folder. Then I unclicked the WOL on Lan 1 box. After this I removed the watched folder in Roon. Restarted the laptop with Roon on it, added back my music folder that resides on My Synology 215j and waited 15 minutes without any music playing and lo and behold the Synology went to sleep.

Hope this can help anybody else who has this problem.

Hi @Jonas_Ekroth,

I’m glad you found a fix for it.
Resolving this issue is really trial and error, it would be really helpful if there was a log that includes the name of the service or packages that causes the wake.

MinimServer can be the culprit, it is in the list of 3th party packages in the article I linked. When I made the switch from UPnP/DLNA to Roon I stopped the MinimServer service, and some time later I uninstalled the package and also disabled UPnP on my router. If there will be a need for it, it can just be re-enable. But I probably will never look back :slight_smile: