Does the new PS Roon ready remove the need for the more robust QNAP device?

After upgrading to Torrey’s and upgrading the Bridge II with either the PS Audio DS or DSjr would you still need to add the more advanced NAS for running Roon server when storing my audio files on a NAS? I am unclear on whether Roon Ready devices handle the Roon functionality and reduce the NAS’ component requirements.

No Roon Ready devices only receive the audio stream via network from Roon Server running elsewhere on the network.

Thanks! Looks like a QNAP in the near future then.

I run the PSAudio DAC jr and host Roon server on a win10 PC along with jriver and both source the same library via a synology NAS and it works great.

Unless you have a small library or a rather powerful i3/5/7 based NAS I would leave the core on a PC/Mac and the libraries on a NAS.

My old NAS is running out of capacity. I was looking to upgrade there for more speed and space. NAS have come along way since I got my D-Link many years ago. It is capped at 2TB and will not be able to handle the hi rez library. It would be nice to have RAID and backup capacity.

Well if a new NAS is in the stars then get the best NAS processor you can. But if your library is huge then (<2TB maybe not that big) the I guess you can always leave the core where it is now if performance is not up there.

Music is not the only thing on the NAS. I have a large photography section as well. Hence the desire for RAID.

Just remember that a RAID is not a backup and you still need some way of backing up the RAID.

Yes. The QNAP I am considering has 4 bays. 1 for SSD, 2 for RAID and 1 for a backup location

2 raided drives is non expandable i.e. Raid 1 mirror only

Hmm. IN that configuration, I would recommend the SSD drive for Roon, 2 Drives in Raid 1 and the last drive as a hot spare. Backup should be to an attached external drive.

If you want better use of space raid 5 with use 3 drives give you double the space of raid 1 and give you single drive fault tolerance. But do use an alternate device for backups whatever option you choose.

Sure, except he needs to use 1 of the bays to hold Roon database, leaving only 3 bays to work with.

So that’s perfect then…well I assume there is a way to upgrade in QNAP like ther is for Synology options to RAID 5 using hybrid

Given that 6 TB is triple what I have now I expect this will hold me for awhile.

Maybe @dennis might chime in here

No Roon Ready devices only receive the audio stream via network from Roon Server running elsewhere on the network.

Sorry @dennis I meant to post this in the other thread about mqa that’s currently getting some air here