DSD 512- the new direct DSD feature

Upsampling to DSD 512 (direct DSD) works perfect with an IFI IDSD Dac.
Sound is really good. Listening through all the new filters will be fun.

PCM 705 and 768 are not possible with the IFI on my windows machine due to an Ifi driver software issue. (grr)

Thanks to the Roon Team !
Great work (again)

Need to get my Sonica DAC back…

Does this mean now that native DSD formats can be sent from MAC/Linux without the need for the ASIO drivers?

You can enable Native DSD Processing. No more PCM Conversions.
Me thinks that might need a more powerfull PC.
But one has to see what is possible with different CPU’s.

I can’t see anything now as my database is restoring…but i did notice my processing indication at 2.7X IIRC at DSD128 which I think was about the same as before

I am not getting DSD 512 to work with my Chord DAVE. The option isn’t even available, even though the DAVE should be able to handle it. Anyone have a similar problem?

I’m using the latest ASIO driver (2.26) and the latest firmware. With USB Streaming Mode set to ‘Extra Safe’ and Buffer size set to ‘4096’ - PCM 705 and 768 plays fine.

Disable the MAX DSD Sample Rate in Device setup.
Then it should be fine.

Mine is disabled and it still does not work. Thanks for the reply though.

Happy for you. I have still static noise.

I’m really happy with these changes. I had some initial confusion owing to the fact that my Roon iOS app (on my iPad) has yet to update, but once I switched over to control using Build 216 on another Mac, I was able to check out the new DSD features. I can now upsample to DSD256 within Roon on my mid-2011 i5-based Mac mini, and with Direct DSD switched on, upsampling from DSD64 to DSD256 no longer involves an intermediate PCM conversion stage.

I haven’t yet had a chance to thoroughly compare Roon’s upsampling with HQPlayer’s (I will get to that ASAP), but my initial impression is that Roon’s 5th order “precise” filter is sounding quite good. Kudos to the Roon team — this is good stuff. I see an i5 NUC running ROCK in my future.

Roon even crashes when I try to upsample to 705 or 768. That is after 2 or 3 minutes with lots of static noise.
I use a i7 6700 4ghz, ssd, cuda, etc… machine. I have no problems upsampling to DSD 512 with HQP or Roon locally or over the home network.
I also have the 2.26 driver and the latest firmware.
But I never expected it to work, because its not a Roon problem.

Anyone know how to interpret the new filters? I have no idea which one is best to use 5th order, 7th order precise, smooth etc. This is all new to me. Wondering if someone will post a Grid/Chart i.e if you like jazz try this filter

You may want to give this a read: https://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine:_Sample_Rate_Conversion.

As for the new ‘precise’ vs. ‘smooth’ filters – the release notes tell this:

New SRC filter choices: Smooth vs Precise filters. The Precise filters are steeper than the old ones, but designed around similar goals. The Smooth filters are ultra-slow-roll-off filters optimized for a very clean transient response. “Precise, Minimum Phase” is the new default.

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Ultimately, you have to go by ear and see what sounds best to you. However, I have a couple of suggestions (but note that most of the music I listen to is played mostly on acoustic instruments):

I like minimum phase (minimal pre-ringing) for small ensembles, and linear phase (better spatial cues) for large ensembles (e.g., orchestras, big bands).

And @RBM quoted the bit about “precise” vs. “smooth,” which was the other thing I was going to put forward, while I was typing.

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Thanks! I’ll check them out tonight when I get home. I find myself driving faster to get home lately just to listen to music. @rbm I forgot about the sample_rate_conversion page as I didn’t try to use DSD previously.