DSP/Convolver howto with Rock or Roon Server/Linux

I have a NUC with windows 10 on it. The NUC’s fan is sometimes working hard and is audible. I want to move the NUC to another room and install Rock on it and do the control with an iPad. Currently I also use room correction, convolver and some PEQ. Can I use it with rock or is this not possible?

Anything you can do from within Roon on Windows can be done in Roon on ROCK. The differences are only to do with the way the OS works.

But how can you add your convolver files, when there is no display? As far as I know you can’t do it with an ipad?

You just need to point Rock to where you are keeping the files on your network. Whether that is on your Rock HD or on another Network HD.

If you try to load a convolution file using an iPad then Roon pops up a message saying that this is currently only supported under Windows or MacOS - so looks like adding convolution file in Roon DSP requires running Roon client on PC.

Just to be clear, it’s only the adding part that needs the PC or Mac. Once the convolution files are loaded, then you can revert to a tablet.

Have to keep using windows 10 then. My other computer is a linux desktop.

Let’s step back a bit. If you follow Roon’s Migration path, then all your settings should move over - I think that will include convolution DSP. Let’s bring in @support who can confirm.

If you back it up, you will keep those settings. However I’ll admit I didn’t know you couldn’t add files via an iPad but I presume you can using a device with windows or MacOS as a remote.

Hi @Cantodea,

I can confirm that DSP settings are saved in Roon backups and can be restored on ROCK. The issue would be if you want to make any changes to these settings as you cannot upload new filters via iPad as others have mentioned, but you can certainly use any PC running the “All-in-one” version of Roon to configure DSP and save the changes as a DSP Preset, which you can cycle through using your iPad.

Okay, thank you. However I have no experience with restoring from backup. I heard from my brother that it sometimes goes completely wrong?

Well, nothing in life is trouble free but Roon Backups are on the easy end of life’s problems. This KB article will explain all.

If you haven’t backed up yet, now is definitely a good time to do it.

Okay, did the transition from windows 10 to Linux with Roonserver and set the latest backup back. All went well! So now I have a NUC running Linux KDE Neon (Ubuntu based) with RoonServer. Also an older Imac (late 2011) running latest Linux Kubuntu and Roon/Wine.
Thank you for helping me!

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If Roon is running on my NUC/ROCK, how is it going to know what I’m doing with filters on an All-in-one" installation on my windows machine? I have saved my .wav file for convolution (generated by REW) on the share that Rock exposes, but no way to tell ROON to look for it there. My only access to control Roon is my Android tablet. This needs to be resolved. All I have is Roon on Rock, various endpoints, and Android controllers. I guess I can write down REW’s settings for PEQ and then enter them into my tablet. But ROCK is leaving me behind here.

Hi @Tim_Pointon,

Can you use the PC you created the REW Convolution file to upload it to your ROCK? Once the Convolution filter has been uploaded, you can save it as a Preset and use your Android tablet to switch between the presets:

You can also find more information regarding Convolution in our Convolution Documentation

Yes, I should be able to since I can see the share exposed by Rock. Where do I place the .wav file so my Android controller will see it? The convolution is only relevant to one of 3 current endpoints. Sorry if this is documented somewhere and I’ve missed it.

Means: Use Roon on your PC to setup the Convolution Filter and DSP Presets if needed. The filter and accompanying files are then permanently stored on the Core and you can use your Android controller to activate/deactivate the Filter or change Presets as needed.

I uninstalled Roon on my PC once Rock became the core. (Roon on Windows said I could only have one core. I do not use Windows as an endpoint. My endpoints are all Roon-ready devices). So if I put Roon back on Windows, I will only be using it as a controller … correct? I can do that, but it will be the only role my Windows machine plays besides running REW. I use Linux for everyday computing and Linux can see the share on Rock. As a feature request, may I suggest using the browser interface to Rock (rock.local) to upload and process filter files/parameters? The server on rock.local:80 has full access to Roon on Rock.

Hi Tim,

Running Roon Control (not core) and REW on Windows should enable you to create and load convolution files. I run Roon core on a headless Mac Mini but use a windows portable to run Roon Control and REW - loading the convolution file using Roon Control.