Easy solution for remote access (with a Synology)

I used to be a heavy JRiver user, but remote access (MAC and iPhone) sucks big time as JRiver does not have a server version for Synology. I also use Plex (incl. Plexamp). So far the remote accessibility of Plex is very easy and works everywhere without major installation or VPN or any other difficult trick. Also no change needed when moving from remote to on-site or vice versa. Is there a Plex way to use Roon for remote access. So no VPN and still ability to use Roon server on the MAC for editing metadata, etc.

There is no equivalent at this time.
It is one of the most requested features.
Please add your vote if you wish.
Roon mobile: remote streaming outside of the home [On Roadmap - Scheduled] - Roon Software / Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community

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