Edit artist picture [completed]

I know how to change an album cover - but how do I edit or change the artist picture? Many artists in my library don’t come up with a picture, and instead lots of pictures of the microphone icon - doesn’t look great.

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For now, there isn’t a way to do it, but more in-depth editing functionality is coming, and this will be a part of it.

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Thanks Brian. Hope all this extra functionality comes soon - any idea of timescale?

There are hundreds of fields and about a dozen object types in the database, so if we did it all at once it would take a long time. Instead we’ve decided to tackle editing features incrementally–this should get the most severe editing needs under control in the near term. Your feedback on this point has moved it up the list.

We’re sitting down later today to pin down the design for this, along with a couple of other editing enhancements for albums/tracks. Once that has happened, we should have a better idea of timescale. I’m hoping this can go out sometime before the end of next week, but it’s really hard to say until we’ve finalized the design.

Thanks Brian - of course I really appreciate the feedback.

I wondered if this issue has been resolved. Cannot find any further discussion on adding artist pics to the generic grey folder representation.

@Howard_Ipp, yes, it has been resolved. There is the possibility to add your own image using the Artist editor. To get to it, select an artist using a right-click (or long press on a touchscreen). Then click the button at the top of the screen that has the “vertical ellipsis” (the three dots), and choose “Edit”. That opens the Artist Editor.

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