Edit track titles etc

Hello, could someone point me in the direction of a support document for the following? (I’ve searched the Roon Knowledge Base but without success)…
I’ve imported a large number of CDs and, once I got the hang of grouping some CDs etc. my collection is pretty much there now. However there are a few CDs for which there is no metadata at all - so, my intention is to input the track names etc. myself. My questions are:

  1. Is there an easier way to change the track titles than clicking ‘edit’ on the three dots on each track and then putting the data in manually (i.e. is there a way I can, say, click the title and write the information directly on the album screen?)
  2. How do I group tracks into a work? For example, one CD has a series of sonatas where each track is a movement - I’d like to group the tracks into the sonata (and put the title/composer on that) and then name each track as the movement… I can see that done in other albums which have had the data imported automatically.
    Thanks for the help!

Is there, perhaps, another way to assign data in a different way (for example, with a csv file)?

Anyone? Perhaps someone from Roon? All thoughts gratefully received…

I’m afraid that for question (1), there is no easier way in Roon to edit track titles. Roon is “bare-bones” when it comes to metadata editing.

Most of us use a third-party metadata editor for our editing sprees.

For question (2), see the “Tagging multi-part works” section in this article:

Once again, though, you’ll need a third-party editor to do it… Examples used in the community are Mp3tag (Windows and MacOS), or Yate (MacOS only). PerfectTUNES (Windows and MacOS) also includes a metadata editor along with other audio file utilities.

Thanks Geoff… I think the help centre link you gave will be useful. I’ll take a look tonight.
In terms of the tagging, are you saying, however, that I won’t be able to do the tags mentioned in the help centre unless I use a third party application? How does that application (Yate, for example) link to Roon? I’ve ripped the CDs using ROCK and so the data is already on the NUC external HDD. Sorry for being a bit dim about such things…
All thoughts/suggestions gratefully received!

While thinking about a reply, it occurred to me that I forgot to mention SongKong. The developer is a member of the Roon community, check out this thread:

Third-party metadata editors are looking at the files themselves, they do not link into Roon itself.

Since you’ve used ROCK to rip your CDs, the files will be in date-stamped folders on your HDD. If you are uncertain about which folder contains a particular album, then go to the Album page in Roon, choose a track, click the “3 dots” menu of the track, and choose the “View file info” option.

That will display a screen similar to this, where you can see the folder and the filepath for the file: