Efficiently avoiding duplicates in playlists

New Roon user here. I’m going through a lot of music (both ripped CDs and music from Tidal and Qobuz), creating playlists for various situations. I frequently discover that I’m adding a song to a playlist that’s already there. That is: not a different set of bits from a different source, but the same bits from the same source.

That annoys me. If something’s already on my “difficult sounds shuffle” playlist, I’d rather it not be added twice.

Is there a way to avoid that? A simple way to clean up duplicates?

Hi Brian Here is the link to the Roon KB on Playlists.

You can refer to “Only Show Duplicates” under Editing Playlists. In playlists the toggle is accessed from the Settings Wheel to the very far right in the Header Bar at the top of the playlist. If any show, you can then edit them out from there.

No way to avoid but there is an option to display duplicates, here:

And you can vote for the feature to avoid adding them