Expert Pro is finally Roon Ready

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We don’t have any new information to share regarding this issue.
Please take a look at Danny’s post from earlier in this thread:

The test with native vlan nor crossover cable helped to me. If i listen to a small playlist I‘ve not many problems, but radom play over 300k songs it comes to many problems. Interesting is, that also playing through my node2 is not without problems. I go forward with testing :joy:

Hmmm, it would appear that Devialet are not deserving of their Roon Ready certificate, and furthermore, Devialet owners who keep raising their fault tickets with the company get no solutions. It is no wonder that Roon users who own Devialet are appealing to Roon to revoke the certification, and that is probably the proper thing to do. However, Roon obviously will be reluctant to upset a partner in the business and in any case, it would spoil their marketing as Devialet is listed as a Roon ready partner. No doubt Roon consider that to remove Devialet from their partner list would be a retrograde marketing step.

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FWIW, I submitted my first ticket on this issue to Devialet back on March 8th. I’ve now submitted a total of 5 tickets about this - the last 7 days ago which remains pending. All others were eventually responded to and then closed and marked resolved.

Truly, I have no idea how to get through to Devialet. But if everyone that is experiencing this problem logs a ticket and then does so again every couple months, perhaps it will eventually become a priority. I would hope that Roon is also nudging them periodically since this does reflect poorly on their ‘Roon Ready’ certification process.

Hi @noris, thank you for the update! I do understand that this is completely up to Devialet - it’s just very sad for users still facing such annoying problems.
The idea that came up by some users just was to communicate to Devialet via Roon that you might withdraw the certificate if they are not willing to provide the functionality / stability that the certificate of Roon stands for.
Finally this could add some emphasis on Devialet to get into it.

As previously mentioned, I’ve been submitting tickets every couple months to Devialet Support regarding the “audio files loading slowly” bug that was first found to be causing issues when using Roon via gigabit ethernet to Expert Pros. Well, I just received a final response to a ticket I submitted about a month ago regarding where their engineering team stood on this issue. While perhaps not surprising, it is quite dismaying… (@danny - not sure if you had heard this directly from them so just fyi…)

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m afraid to tell you, and they said that currently, the RAAT issue is not into the investigation by the engineering team. I’m not able to guess when it will be solved.

Thank you for your understanding.


This is an official reply by Devialet?!!
Then @danny I see no reason why they should deserve the Roon Ready certificate if they are not even willing to investigate often many months of customer frustration.

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I’ve been a Roon and Devialet customer for 4 years. At this point, Roon is a far more important component in my audio system than Devialet (particularly after the 1.7 release - thank you!). But, to be honest, I have been reasonably content using a 100mbps switch in front of my Expert Pro in order to use RAAT. It’s far from ideal, but it does work. Mostly.

I wish there was leverage for Roon to apply to Devialet, but my guess is that it’s simply not a priority for Devialet.

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It’s disappointing that Devialet seem uninterested, but there are work arounds, 5ghz wireless works great! Who cares if the wired rate is 1gb or .1gb. if they can’t see the link LED? Auto-negotiation is often hit and miss anyway. This doesn’t make it acceptable, just tolerable.

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I think I’m against Roon removing the Roon Ready certification from the current CI models. I understand that Roon Ready devices download a script or something from a registry database on the Roon site which provides settings the device then uses with content it receives via RAAT. If removing certification means that Roon removes the Expert Pro entries in the registry database then that has the effect of making all Expert Pros unable to deal with RAAT content and that is a very bad result for those Expert Pro users who are managing to use RAAT succesfully. It’s an action which punishes users who have done nothing wrong and takes something they’re using away from them, and it’s likely to have very little impact on Devialet so I can’t see it achieving anything positive while it has negative impacts for many users. I don’t think Roon should do anything which would negatively impact on existing users, not that I think they would. I think the current status quo needs to be maintained by Roon.

If I were Roon, what would I do? Well, there’s a lot of Phantom users asking for Devialet to make their Phantoms Roon Ready. If I were Roon, I’d refuse to certify any more Devialet products as Roon Ready until they fix the problem with the Expert Pro range. After all, if Devialet aren’t prepared to fix their software for the Expert Pros, then they’re likely to export the existing problem to any new products they want to get certification for so the simplest way to make sure that doesn’t happen, given that somehow the problem for Expert Pros didn’t show during certification, is to say that they won’t certify any more devices until Roon get RAAT working properly for the existing devices which have received certification.

I’d also be inclined, if I were Roon, to avoid making any statement to Devialet about such action unless Devialet had publicly promised Roon Ready capability for a new range of devices. Give Devialet such an advice before they’ve promised something to owners is simply likely to result in no pressure on Devialet at all, they simply won’t make any such promise. On the other hand, if Roon don’t make such a statement until after Devialet have made public promises regarding making other products Roon Ready then Devialet are in the situation where they either fix the problem for the Expert Pro range or they have to admit to a range of users they’ve made promises to that they can’t fulfil on their promise and the reason for that is that they’re unwilling to fix the problem for Expert Pro users and that’s a PR problem for them. Devialet are showing little willingness to initiate action on this problem despite the number of us who have had the problem so far so it’s going to take some form of leverage to make them do something. About the only thing I can think of which would do that is if it becomes in their own interests to fix it and obviously they don’t believe it is currently in their interests to do so.


Thank you for this interesting news. Did you already ask why they decided not to fix this issue?

I agree with you in that view. Hopefully any solution is coming up.

I totally understand that many customers are disappointed from devialet. They have a bad way so solve their software problems.
But there are people where RAAT with Devialet works perfekt with Gigabit Ethernet!
I had the issues in my old environment. But since i run a brocade switch these are gone. No Problems any more. Since Months. So please dont think about removing the Roon Ready feature!
The only thing i have is that Internet Radio stops playing sometimes.
But this is not a Devialet Problem. Other Zones have the same Issue.

Seriously guys this is not a Devialet or Roon issue / I have dealing with this issue for over 4 years/ from my experience and perspective it’s more to do with a robust network that deals with Devialet and Roon taking to each other / neither Devialet or Roon can solve your networking issues / and I do not have an IT background

How is it a solution to break RAAT for everyone to ‘help’ a few people who have an issue with it?

There is a solution, it’s not ideal but there is one, use a 100M switch.

As others have said, this appears to be more of a networking issue than a Roon or Devialet issue. Unless someone out there (a networking expert) has the time and energy to solve this it’s not likely to go away soon.

If it is a network issue, then why Roon RAAT works perfectly fine to all other zones in the same network? Why Devialet is the only RAAT zone having these problems?


This is certainly not a network issue. If you where one of the “unlucky” ones you’d complain too. I use gigabit and RAAT with no problems at the moment (250CI), but I have had a similar problem in the past.

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I don’t doubt that some home setups are impervious to this problem, but that does not imply that those are experiencing it have network problems. The question is… is it a problem with only certain Expert Pros or is there a borderline issue that only manifests itself in certain networking configurations? If the later, it would be awesome if someone (Devialet) did enough investigation to figure it out. But as @Petri stated, when it is occurring, why is it only with Expert Pros. I’ve got 3 other endpoints in my home running RAAT that a) are having no problems and b) are not Devialet.

I have a devialet pro, home plugs and Ethernet. No problems at all, ever. I also have orbi Wi-fi and chord mojo poly which play well together. Maybe I’m lucky but from experience networks can be fickle things which is why I used the home plugs.

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Has anyone retested this on the new version? I spent an hour earlier this week trying some different router settings that I thought might make it at least behave differently, to no avail. I didn’t know the new version was imminent.