Extensions. An idiots guide

I read a lot about extensions but can find very little information on how to install them. Is there a guide somewhere?
Am I correct in saying that extensions can not be installed on ROCK?

You can’t use rock.
I haven’t installed myself but you can install the extension manager on Pi or windows probably others…
The pi guide is below


Thanks Ged.
I have rock/nuc. I guess thats why I have been having difficulty.

Yes you need to install it on something else. A raspberry pi would be the cheapest thing you can leave on.

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The Extension Manager also has its own Wiki:


Is there a way to add the Onkyo extension to the repository?

I’ve literally never been able to figure out Roon extensions. I’m on Mac and I believe it only works on Linux?

Thanks. Where do you get that installer?

I think here

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